Stay Cool and Protected with Dehumidifiers

Hazy, hot and humid are the signature signs of summer. With the warm weather on its way, now is the time to start planning how to stay cool. One thing that most people don’t consider is the importance of having a dehumidifier, not only combat humidity, but also to protect your home or business and your belongings from moisture damage.


High levels of humidity can create a sticky environment due to the excess levels of moisture in the air. This additional dampness to the air does more than just create an uncomfortable environment for people, however. As temperatures fluctuate or the air comes in contact with colder surfaces, this moisture can condense into water in much the same way that steam fogs up the bathroom mirror after your morning shower.


This dampness can wreak havoc on many components in your home, and is particularly problematic in basements, leading to bacterial and fungal growth, corrosion of pipes and metal surfaces – like many safes and storage cabinets – over time, and creating a suitable environment for microorganisms to thrive. It can also create shorts and damaging surges in electrical lines and powered equipment if left unchecked, not to mention warp and swell wooden surfaces and furniture and hasten the aging, yellowing and degradation of documents and photos.


Use of a dehumidifier helps to pull the moisture out of the air and condense it inside the unit, removing it from the ambient air in your home and business and creating a more comfortable and healthy feeling inside. Most newer models can be set using a humidistat, which functions in a similar way as a thermostat to keep moisture levels at a desired setting. This helps to keep your home or office consistently protected from excess humidity, and prevent a constantly running dehumidifier from creating an equally uncomfortable overly arid environment.


ValueSafes offers of dehumidifiers to keep you and your belongings protected. For more information or help selecting the right solution for your home or business, give us a call today.