Buying Biometric Safes

There are a lot of things your thumbprint can access for you. Laptops use them for logging in, doors can be opened with them, and now you can open your safe with your thumbprint. These new safes use biometric technology, and they are considered the most secure safes available. No longer will you need to worry about remembering a combination or accidentally leaving your password laying around. All you need is your thumbprint to get into the safe, and that means access is limited to just you. It also means you can get in and out much more quickly, even though it’s a lot safer to do so.

Safes Are Keeping Up with Technology

There are many reasons that you should consider purchasing a biometric safe. For one thing, these safes will open with just the touch of a finger, which can save you time. Most importantly, though, is that they are programmed to accept only one fingerprint, which means that you never need to worry that someone will find your combination, or that your passwords are too easy to guess. These safes work on a specific mathematical algorithm, which will recognize only one fingerprint and refuse to open for any other person. Check out the HZ-34, which is perfect for home use.

Protecting Your Home Against Brazen Criminals

It’s no surprise that people are growing increasingly brazen with their criminal acts. While it used to be a rarity that anyone’s house would be burglarized, it’s hard to find someone nowadays that doesn’t have some sort of theft story related to their homes. That’s why it’s important that we, as homeowners, take every necessary precaution to protect our homes and our families.

For some people, this means installing home security cameras. And for others, it means securing a number of alarm-sounding devices. After all, it doesn’t seem to be enough anymore that people lock their doors and windows. Now it seems necessary to use a window alarm, a door alarm, and a number of other home security devices in order to fully protect your home. For the best results, have some home protection devices that are visible to potential criminals. These can serve as effective deterrents for anyone considering breaking into your home. Even with these safeguards in place, you will also want to house your valuables in a safe.

Advances in Safe Technology

Biometrics are making an appearance in all sorts of technology, from laptops to front entrances of homes and businesses. Enterprising thieves can pick locks or bypass number codes, if they are willing to work long enough. There really is nothing more secure than one fingerprint that opens a safe, or a door, or a computer file. There are no passwords to leave lying around, or safe combinations that might be figured out. One of the most popular biometric safes available is the HZ-30, which opens with the use of one fingerprint, so there is no fear that anyone else will be able to access your important documents or valuables.

Drop Safe model HDS-2014K from Hollon Safe

Hollon HDS-2014K

This is a fantastic drop safe for a small business looking for additional security and peace of mind.   The HDS-2014K safe can be bolted down to make it much harder for it to “walk away.” From experience, it allows me to sleep a little bit better knowing I have the added security of a great safe and the fact it is bolted down!  The key lock adds accountability as both keys are required to be present when the safe is opened.  This is not a safe that you can stick a hanger or any other object down the chute and get money out.  Hollon’s HDS-2014k has an anti-fish baffle that will stop anyone from doing it in their tracks.  If you are pondering the idea of whether or not to purchase this depository safe for your small business, take the leap and you will be happy with it.

Get a drop safe to store large bills and cash

If you run a retail business, you could lower the risk of being robbed of your cash during business hours by using a drop safe.  A drop safe is designed to accept deposits of small items like cash or jewelry without opening the safe.  If the cashier working in your store doesn’t have the combination to the drop safe, then any deposits made during the day are safe from would-be robbers.

If you have your employees deposit their extra cash at periods throughout the day, there will never be more than a certain amount in the cash register.  And you can have them immediately deposit any large bills that come in.  Drop safes are made in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that suits your business to a “t”.  For more information on the drop safe.

Gun safe

AMSEC-gun-safeGun owners must be responsible when caring for and storing their guns. A gun, when in the wrong hands, can result in disaster. There have even been reports of kids playing with a parent’s gun and accidentally pulling the trigger. This can be very dangerous and even fatal.

Every gun owner must have a gun safe. This way, the gun is kept away from the curious hands of children. Thus, a fatal accident is avoided.

Wall Safes keep your stuff out of sight and out of mind!

ws-diy-eclosed.jpgWall safes are easy to hide behind a picture. Wall safes provide security without taking up floor space. Wall safes are also easy to install, concealed wall safe is perfect protection for money, jewelry, irreplaceable valuables, passports and other important papers. Wall safes has lots of verities like hidden wall safe, hidden wall safe are handy because most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. Wall safes will always protect your valuables like documents, petty cash, and much more safe.

Wall safes are like boxes that can be secured against burglars, install into a wall to hide them from casual discovery. Wall safes are considered by many to be more secure than other safes because they require a potential thief not only to break the lock on the safe, but also to discover the location of the safe in the first place.

Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safes are secure and safe for your guns and valuables, it’s like a storage containers which can be prevent unwanted access, theft and damage to firearms. Cannon gun safes are very strong to protect your guns, prized posessions. Cannon gun safes are built strong and because of this it comes with a full lifetime warranty. Cannon gun safes can also be wall mount for better security. Cannon gun safes are secure and come with leading security systems and it is capable to withstanding any intrusion attempt. Cannon gun safes have the various protective features including a double-steel composite door, pre-drilled bottom for securing the safe.

Cannon gun safes also protects from leading fire protection technology for keeping your valuables safe even in the case of a fire. Cannon gun safes give you many options of accessories for safes security and space. Some of the cannon gun safes are already with high security electronic lock, mechanical lock, door panel kit, and gunsaver. 

Tl-15 safes

Tl-15 safes are one of the safes, which constructed to resist burglar tool attempts. A fire and Burglars resistant safe gives you the great line of defense against theft and fire. Tl-15 safes are rated burglary-resistant safes which meets specific weight, material, lock, and wall thickness. Tl-15 safes ratings are also based on the time and tools it takes a safe expert to break into the safe. Tl-15 safes means the safe which can stand against burglary attempt by a safe using hand held burglar tools such as drills hammers, and screwdrivers. The Tl-15 safe indicates how many times continuous minutes are tested safe model withstood an attack.

Tl-15 safe is especially designed to give the protection against attacks and break-in attempts of mechanical and electrical hand tools. Tl-15 safes are tested in good manner and are much more successfully entry for a solid 15 minutes of attack time; Tl-15 safes are professionally armed with electrical and mechanical hand tools. Tl-15 safes also been awarded for Safe Burglary Classification.