Cannon Gun Safe model P-22

May 29th, 2008

The below article was written a while back.  Things have changed with Cannon Gun Safes over the last 7 months.  They have changed so much that we have decided to drop the line and no longer sell Cannon Gun Safes of any kind.  I want to believe in the best for Cannon and hope that they are experiencing growth related pains.

However,  based on the pricing, quality, and service from Cannon Gun Safes.  We are no longer finding them to be the best value that they once were.  For what I can sell you anything in their Patriat, Cannon, or Safari line up.  I can sell you a better safe with thicker steel, better lock, and thicker bolts from Diamond Back Gun Safes.   But at almost half the price!

The Diamond Back H Series would compare closest to the Dangerous Game series or the T series from Cannon.  But at a price reflective of the Patriot.  So lets be honest here.  All of the above mentioned safes are made in the SAME factory in China.   So workmanship is going to be very similar.   I can’t in good conciousness represent a manufacturer that has lost control of their expenses, vendor relations (you can no longer get any Cannon with a Sargent & Greenleaf lock), and some of the poorest customer service in the industry.  If you don’t believe me call them and pretend to be a customer with a problem with your safe….see if they call you back. Better yet, see if they answer the phone! 1-800-242-1055 is thier number.

The Cannon Gun Safe model P-22 is second in the Patriot Safe series.   This is a very popular size gun safe for Cannon Safes company.  The box itself is made in China but Cannon Gun Safes puts on the finishing touches.  Because a portion of this is made in China doesn’t mean its a like a Sentry Gun Safe. (Which is the bottom rung on the ladder of safes) This gun safe is one of the median models that are imported.  Cannon Gun Safe also puts their lifetime warrenty against fire and theft on this gun safe.  Which other Gun Safe manufacturers are starting to offer.

Its important to view my other posts on Cannon Gun Safes.  The Patriot series inparticular.  I often ramble about many aspects of safes in a series and their qualities all flow within the series and I try not to bore my readers with repition.

Anyway, the P-22 is a Patriot Gun Safe but several manufactures also produce a “Patriot” named safe. Make sure you are comparing Cannon’s when you are researching gun safes and not the other names.

There are other gun safes that are similar to Cannon Gun safes but there are a few features that the others don’t have.  I have them listed below.  The big feature is in theft protection with the multiple relockers in the safe. Everything else is very similar to other imports but the relocker and warrenty make this a good purchase for my dollars.

  • Fully adjustable design
  • Upholstered finished shelving
  • Upholstered inside walls
  • Fire-resistant—lined with 5/8” fire insulation
  • Massive 1″ steel composite
  • SureFire multiple re-lockers
  • Mechanical Group 2 lock with
    key-locking dial
  • Triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal that expands many times its size when exposed to heat
  • 1″ active locking bolts
  • Extra-hard, 60+ RC hard-plate
  • Truelock internal hinges

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