Cannon Gun Safe model P-14

May 28th, 2008

Cannon Gun safe model P-14 is part of the Patriot gun safe import line.  Before I go too far, there are several manufactures that have a safe called Patriot.  Make sure when you are discussing the Cannon Patriot don’t get it confused with any of the other Patriot named safes out there.  They are different.  These are made with loving care by our dear friends in China.  However, ONLY Cannon Gun Safes come with a lifetime warrenty against fire AND BURGLARY!!!!!!!  Nobody else offers such an extensive warrenty in the industry…NOBODY!

China may start the manufacturing process but most gun safe manufactures like to finish out thier gun safes here in the USA.  Cannon installs a higher grade interior than other companies with fully lined adjustable interior for those of you that want to purchase a gun safe for other than keeping guns.

Did you know that this series comes with multiple relockers?  These are added to help support the bolt work system in the event an attack.  (Most gun safes only come with one that is inside the dial or keypad lock) So this is an added benifit

Also comes with hardplate….hmmm, I can hear some of you asking “What the heck is hardplate?”  Well, hardplate is a super heated super refined steel plate that is resistant to drilling.  It needs to be melted.  Which means the thief will need to bring his blow torch with him if he’s going through the lock and door.  I personally don’t know of many thiefs that have entered into a house with a blow I think hardplate is there to make it difficult on the locksmith to gain entry to the safe but I could be wrong.

When I show up onto a gun safe that has had a burglar attempt to break into it.  Crowbars and hammers are what is normally used.  Though I was in a McDonald’s once where the theif used a metal mop bucket to beat off the dial.  No, the thief never made it into the safe.  But that is beside the point.  One inch locking bolts going on all sides of the door keep it from being crowbared open within the normal time range of a burglary.

This Cannon gun safe is not extra fancy but it is nicely built and with a warrenty you can’t beat.

  • Fully adjustable design
  • Upholstered finished shelving
  • Upholstered inside walls
  • Fire-resistant—lined with 5/8” fire insulation
  • Massive 1″ steel composite
  • SureFire multiple re-lockers
  • Mechanical Group 2 lock with
    key-locking dial
  • Triple fin intumescent cold smoke expandable seal that expands many times its size when exposed to heat
  • 1″ active locking bolts
  • Extra-hard, 60+ RC hard-plate
  • Truelock internal hinges

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