B-rated security safes can protect your valuables from the most determined burglar

February 18th, 2009

Security Safes

A B-rated security safe is built to meet a certain standard set by insurance companies.  Basically the standard requires at least 1/2″ steel in the door and 1/4″ steel in the body.  It also requires drill-resistant hard plate surrounding the lock.  The standard also requires a certain number and size of locking bolts.  Some B-rated safes also feature 4 holes drilled in the base so the safe can be bolted to the floor.  The bolts can’t be removed because the heads are located inside on the floor of the safe.

A B-rated safe provides the maximum amount of protection against burglars.  A B-rating is usually specified as an amount of time.  For example, a safe with a 15 minute burglary rating means that a skilled professional locksmith was unable to open the safe within a 15-minute period using common locksmithing tools.  Most burglars are not going to spend that amount of time in your home or business.  They’re going to get the easy stuff and leave.  For more information on B-rated security safes.

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