Tips to Remember When Shopping for Gun Safes

Shopping for quality gun safes is essential if you are going to own or collect firearms. In some states, if you do not have your guns properly secured, you can be held legally responsible for what happens if someone does steal the weapons. Even if you do not have this legal responsibility in your state, you of course still do not want your weapons in the hands of anyone who does not have your permission. While the safes may seem like a large investment, they are certainly important, and there are a few tips to keep in mind when making your decision.

First, you should do your research and explore your options. Hollon gun safes are widely accepted as providing the highest quality products on the market, but it couldn’t hurt to compare their specs with the specs of their competitors. Find a reliable Internet retailer, with a large inventory, and take note of what each brand has to offer you. When comparing the specs of the different brands, look for designs that will prevent drilling or any other tampering of any kind. The highest quality brands of safes will be those constructed and reinforced out of heavy-gauge steel.

When faced with different options, it is worth it to pay a little extra for the fire protection. The models constructed using thick fireboards have been proven effectively protect contents even in the presence of very high heats. Look for gun safes that have passed two-hour fireproofing tests. Many of these options will even be able to safely store your most important paperwork in the event of a house fire.

Lastly, it is wise to shop for gun safes that are at least a little bit larger than what you actually need. The price difference between one safe, and the model the next size up, is typically not that substantial, and can save you a lot of money in the long term. If you choose to go with the design that is exactly the size that you need, what happens when you decide to add another gun to your collection?

Your safest plan of action is to give yourself a bit of breathing room so that you do not have to worry about this situation in the future. In the mean time, you can use the extra space to save any documents, jewelry, or other precious items that need extra protection.


The Importance of Using a Drop Safe for Your Business

No business owners want to really think about the chances of a robbery, and they definitely do not want to consider the problem of employee theft, but these things do happen. A great way to reduce your danger, and increase the safety of both your money and your employees, is to invest in a drop safe.

A drop safe is a small safe that can easily be placed under your registers, so that employees can quickly and discreetly secure money once the balance in their register becomes dangerously high. These safes are especially useful to have if your business sees a large amount of cash flow throughout the day. You business, and your employees, will be much safer if there are not extremely large sums of cash in their tills.

These secure containers have an opening just large enough for the employee to slip funds into, but no items can easily be taken back out. You might be thinking that thieves would simply bring devices to fish the money out of the openings, but drop safe brands such as Protex, Hollon, and Mutual, are equipped with a baffled edge that stops this from happening. The inside of the opening looks a bit like layers of sharks teeth, which makes it impossible to fish the funds out of the safe once they are deposited.

Drop safes are extremely secure devices, perfect for protecting large sums of money throughout the business day, but if you want to protect your cash overnight, you should consider investing in a larger depository safe. These safes are similar to the drop safes, but are reinforced with a drill resistant hard plate, and provide the maximum amount of protection to keep your money safe even overnight. Regardless of how much you trust your employees, or feel safe in your community, you should certainly have at least one of these two kinds of safes to make sure your hard earned profits are protected.

Too many business owners wait until after a substantial amount of their cash is stolen before they think of building up their safety precautions. It is much wiser to go ahead and secure your money, rather than wait to do so in the wake of an incident. You can give you, and your staff, a great peace of mind by simply installing a drop safe and removing the potential for danger.


The Benefits of Shopping Online for Your Gun Safe

If you are going to be storing firearms in your home for any reason, it is very wise to invest in a quality gun safe. This will keep the gun or guns out of reach of any children, burglars, or any other individuals who are not authorized to use the weapon. The safety of your gun is as important as the safety that gun brings to your home. Before you rush out to a department store to find a safe, you should consider turning to the Internet as a better resource.

By shopping online for your gun safe, you can make a more informed and educated decision regarding your purchase. The best and most reputable online retailers will offer you a lengthy description of each model, and all of the specs. By shopping over the Internet, you can also access an extremely large inventory in one place. Instead of traveling to several different stores looking for a model that has every feature that you need, you can find what you require from the convenience of your home. This is certainly not an instance when you should settle for the first safe that you see.

As you browse the inventory of gun safes available to you, take a moment to do a side-by-side comparison of each type. Make sure the model you choose is large enough for the guns that you plan to store. There are brands available that can be anchored to walls, the floor, those that are designed to withstand being dropped or hit, and those that cannot be pried open. Choose the model that will make you most comfortable.

When you lock your guns into a gun safe, it is important you are the only person who can get them out, and that you can access them quickly. In order to do this, you should look online for varieties of safes that have easy to use digital locks. If you are worried that another person has learned your code, you have the power to change it instantly.

Last, but certainly not least, shopping online gives the buyer a great advantage when it comes to price. These online retailers do not experience all of the added overhead costs that physical stores do. They typically work directly with the manufactures, and can provide the lowest discount prices on the market. By shopping online, you can get the perfect gun safe at the perfect price.

Save Your Company Documents with a Fireproof Office Safe

Every successful business owner understands the importance of securely backing up all important documents. Sure, you can save electronic copies of your paperwork, but that data is susceptible to hundreds of online security threats, such as viruses. Your electronic data could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. This is why it is crucial to store hard copies of your most important paperwork in a high quality fireproof office safe.

When storing your important documents, whether they are contracts, stocks certificates, crucial receipts, or any other essential papers, you need to be able to protect against security threats, as well as fire. Many people take advantage of this secure device to store personal documents as well, such as birth certificates, wills, deeds, and passports. The safe includes adjustable shelves and compartments, making it simple to keep each type of document organized. You may not require all of the advanced burglary features of a large home safe or vault, but you will need more than a simple one hour fireproof safe.

Hollon understands the unique needs of companies of all sizes and all industries. This is why they launched a line of fireproof office safes containing safes of all sizes that can provide the expert protection from both thieves and fire. These products can maintain an internal temperature that can protect your documents for at least two hours of external temperatures of over 1700 degrees. Even if your business faces an unfortunate fire, all of your documents will remain intact.

Preparing for circumstances such as employee theft, burglaries, and fires, is not something that any business owner enjoys, but it is better to take the time to ready the business than to deal with the fallout after it happens. The Hollon Office safe is constructed from thick fire-resistant materials and ready to be anchored to the floor easily.

All models of the safe can easily be upgraded to include a digital locking system. These locks make it easier than ever to change the combination any time you need. If your passcode is compromised, or if you undergo staff changes, you can quickly change the combination without having to enlist the services of a blacksmith. The Hollon office safes give business owners back the control over their personal and professional documents. Once your paperwork is secured properly, you can take your mind off potential risks and get back to your work.


Protect Your Valuables From Theft or Flame with a Fireproof Safe

The primary reason people invest in a safe or a vault is to protect their hard earn money, valuables, or important documents, from burglars, but there are other ways that your treasures can be consumed. If you have cash, jewelry, or paperwork in your safe, are they still secure if you are the victim of an unfortunate house fire? To make sure your items are protected against all of the elements, you will need a reliable fireproof safe.

If you are looking for a fireproof safe that can ease your mind, Hollon provides a line of safes that can certainly deliver. They have quickly become the most reliable supplier of high quality two-hour fireproof safes. This means that their saves have been tested to be able to endure a two hour heating test. During this test, the safes are heated to very intense temperatures, at over 1700 degrees. This is more than enough protection; according to statistics collected by various fire departments, the average wooden house fire burns at approximately 950 degrees.

Even when you place your special documents in one of these safes, you can rest assured that in the event of a fire, your paperwork will remain unharmed for at least two hours of intense heating. The Hollon safes have proven themselves capable of maintaining an internal temperature bellow 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least two hours, when exposed to temperatures of 1700 degrees and over. 350 degrees might sound extremely hot, but it is cool enough to keep your important papers, or treasured jewelry, from burning or becoming damaged.

A fireproof safe from Hollon is certain to impress. This is a company that has been building safes for many years, and they know what people are looking for in security and convenience. They have models available that are extremely small and compact, and others that are perfect for much larger items. Each model of safe includes adjustable shelves, making it easy to organize all of your important items.

Above all else, a fireproof safe will keep your items secure from both fire, and other outside forces. The safes are reinforced with very thick walls and doors, and solid steel locking bolts. With an electronic digital locking system, you can easily change your lock combination as frequently as you’d like without hiring the services of a locksmith. No man, or act of nature, will ever be able to access your belongings ever again, without your permission.

Introducing the Republic Gun Safe

If you want to get the biggest value for your dollar when finding a safe solution for storing your firearms, a Republic gun safe from Hollon will pleasantly surprise you. Hollon has built a solid reputation for producing carefully crafted products for gun owners, and any other individuals interested in keeping their special belongings protected. They have earned this reputation by designing products that have all of the features that customers want, and by manufacturing safes that are virtually impenetrable by man or nature.

Not every gun owner can afford to purchase a premium two our fireproof safe, with majorly thick steel reinforced doors and walls, but that does not mean that superior protection is not obtainable. The Republic gun safe is a lower cost, extremely valuable alternative that still provides some remarkable features to any owners of firearms.

The Republic safes include multiple layers of fireboard both in the body and the door of the safe. This material provides one-hour fireproof protection for your guns. This means that if the safe were to be exposed to flames at 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, the contents would be unharmed for at least one hour. Most home fires burn at a temperature significantly lower than 1250 degrees. In addition to the fireboard, these safes also include a heat activated expandable seal that, when heated, will completely seal the door against any outside smoke or water.

Of course, fire is not the only thing that you are trying to keep away from your weapons. The Republic gun safe will ensure that only those authorized to access the guns will be able to do so. They are able to protect your guns with the help of a ¼” solid steel plate covering to door, multiple locking bolts covering all sides of the door, and an drill resistant armored hard plate protecting the lock. Burglars will not be able to pry, punch, or force their way into your safe.

Having a quality safe is not just about having a great place to store your guns, even though you can upgrade your safe to have a cushy plush lining. All gun owners have a very important responsibility to keep their weapons out of the wrong hands, whether those hands are the hands of intruders, or the hands of children. In order to get the highest quality solutions, at the best prices imaginable, the Hollon Republic gun safe series cannot be ignored.

How to Safely Mount Your Wall Safe

What is the point to keeping your treasured items in a safe, if a burglar can easily steal the entire safe? While this may not be an extremely common problem, there are precautions that you can take to prevent it from happening to you. Especially if you have a smaller safe that can more easily be picked up, it is very wise to choose a wall safe that can securely be mounted to the wall in your home.

Many people choose to use a wall safe, not only because mounting it provides extra security, but also because they allow you to clear out floor space and keep the device more discrete in your house. For those who simply need to store small items such as important documents, cash, stock certificates, or expensive jewelry, a small mountable safe is provides an excellent solution, and they can be installed in less than an hour when completed properly.

The first step is to prepare the area where you will place your wall safe. You will need to use a stud locator to find the studs in your wall. Once you have found these studs, use a level to mark your exact edges where your future safe will be, centering the safe between your studs. Next, use a drywall saw to cut out your carefully measured area. Take great care when cutting out the drywall so that you do not cut any electrical wires.

Once you have the drywall removed, fill in any spaces that will be present around the safe, when it is installed, with strips of plywood, or other solid materials. When you carefully place your safe into the opening, it should be perfectly flush with the studs and the walls all the way around. If there are any open spaces, install more wood pieces.

The door should be kept open during this entire process so that you can secure the item to the wall from the inside. Your product should come equipped with bolts to allow you to attach your wall vault directly to the studs in the walls using designated slots for anchoring. Once all of the bolts are tightened, you can begin installing any adjustable shelves or racks if you require them. Lastly, all you need to do is load your precious items inside, close the door to the wall safe, and clean up any excess dry wall dust.

Fireproof Gun Safe Makes for a Wise Investment

Statistically speaking, your home has a better change of experiencing a fire than a burglary. Fortunately, a fireproof gun safe can help you protect effectively against either of these very unfortunate circumstances. If you have firearms, they need to be stored very securely when not in use. Not only do you not want your weapons to fall into the wrong hands, but you also do not want these expensive items, or any of your other important valuables, damaged in the event of a home fire. Now, there is a product that can give you real solutions.

If you are already in the market for a safe, it is very wise to go ahead and upgrade your choice to a fireproof gun safe. You may have to pay a slightly larger price, but the value that you will receive, and the added piece of mind, will certainly be worth it. You can choose from one of many designs that have extra adjustable shelves and compartments, which are perfect for storing important documents, jewelry, or other special items along with your firearms.

A fireproof gun safe is constructed with a very thick door and body, which are reinforced with fire resistant concrete. These safes go through rigorous tests before being placed on the market in order to receive a trustworthy fire rating. If you are purchasing from a reliable retailer, the specs of the safe, including the fire rating, should be readily available.

Most varieties will be called one hour fireproof or two hour fireproof. These terms are referring to the amount of time the items inside the fireproof safe will be unharmed in the event that they safe is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Most designs are tested using temperatures that are much higher than the average house fire, ensuring that the item will perform as necessary.

Of course, a fireproof gun safe is also expertly constructed to keep even the savviest burglars away from your valuables as well. A high quality safe will protect against drilling, prying, and all other tampering techniques. However, to really rest easy knowing that your items are out of harms way, it is certainly worth the investment to add the fire protection as well. It has been proven time and time again that the contents of a normal safe will largely be consumed and damaged in the event of a fire, while those in a fireproof safe have a substantially hire chance of remaining completely unharmed.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection with a Reserve Gun Safe

If you own guns, you most likely have them either to protect your home and family, to use for hunting, or simply for sport. You certainly do not have them in order to bring any unwanted harm to anyone. That is why when they are not being used; they are kept securely under lock and key, where only you can access them. If you want to be able to ease your mind about the security of your gun collection, you need a Hollon Reserve gun safe.

Hollon went above and beyond the call of duty when designing their newest line of reserve gun safes. Hollon is known for producing wonderfully crafted and reliable safes, but they decided to take these models one step further to provide you, your guns, and your family with even more protection. Especially if you have children in the house, you need a gun safe that is impenetrable, and a Reserve gun safe is definitely that solution.

Unlike other models, the reserve gun safe is crafted out of extra thick 10-gauge steel on both the doors and the walls of the safe. When you open and close the door you can really feel the sturdiness and the weight of the structure. Nobody will be able to pry open the door of this monster of a device. The door is then held secure using solid steel locking bolts.

Your reserve safe can even be upgraded to include an electronic digital combination. This makes it not only easy to quickly open and retrieve your guns, but it also makes it simple for you to change your combination as frequently as you’d like. If you feel that someone may have learned your combination, you can instantly change the code without having to hire a locksmith to change it for you.

Hollon certainly thought of every safety and security precaution that any gun owner might need when designing the reserve gun safe. It comes equipped with a removable gun rack and adjustable shelf to make it easier than ever to conveniently store a variety of firearms of every shape and size. The safes are also able to withstand one hour of fire exposure of up to 1250 degrees. If you are at all worried about the security of your firearms in your home, this line of gun safes can certainly ease your mind and protect you from any possible circumstance.

What Features to Look for in a Depository Safe

One of the most important initial purchases that should be made for any company that operates using cash transactions and employees is a reliable and well-constructed depository safe. This is necessary to lessen the risk of any outside burglaries, employee theft, and there are many options that will even protect the cash against fire. There are a few ideas that you should keep in mind when picking the right security product for your company.

You will need to choose a depository safe that is large enough to hold everything that you will need it to hold. There are smaller models available if your business only has smaller amounts of cash circulating throughout the business, and maybe just one till. The smaller designs are great for holding extra coins and your deposits. However, there are also larger models available that are spacious enough to hold entire tills for you, if your business uses a lot of cash in multiple registers.

The size of the company plays an important role when deciding what size and type of safe is necessary. If you have a large staff, and you do not want to have a lot of people accessing your large sums of cash, a two-compartment top drop safe is a great option. Employees can drop their deposits into the top of the safe, where it will be secured in the top compartment.

Only your authorized staff members should have access to this top compartment. The bottom compartment can then be designated for items such as extra coin change, and you can decide which particular staff members can have access to these funds.

When shopping for a depository safe, always make sure the item is well-constructed, providing optimum protection. The doors and body should be reinforced, and have a minimum of ¼” thickness all around. There should also be bolts of at least a 1” thickness on all sides of the door to prevent prying. Any and all drop openings should have a jagged edge on the inside to prevent thieves from fishing items out.

Lastly, find a depository safe that has a lock that will work for you and your company’s needs. Traditionally, most come equipped with a dial combination lock, which is a very old, but reliable form of technology. The main flaw with this type is that it is very difficult to change the combination. When possible, it is wise to upgrade to an electronic digital lock. If your staff changes, you can easily and quickly change your lock combination.