Creative Way To Hide Your Valuables

Security safeIf you are looking for a new and innovative way to hide your valuables, you can try using a diversion safe.  These safes are so innocent that they can be placed in plain sight.  Nobody but you will know that there is a safe just sitting in your pantry or bookshelves.

There are oil cans, fruit cans, flower pots, lotion bottles, and more.  They are all household products that are present in every home. You will never know that they are a security safe because they look and feel like the products they represent.  There is even a stone safe so you can even place your valuables in your garden.  Burglars won’t bother looking in pantries or bathrooms for possible locations of safes.  Diversion safes are really great ways to secure your valuables.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

drop safe

A recent study shows that most burglars have less than 10 minutes to spend inside your home.  They want to be in and out of your home as quick as possible.  So it’s only logical that they take the most obvious valuables instead of wasting their time hunting around for more stuff to steal.  This is why a drop safe are the perfect hiding places for your valuables. 

Since a drop safe can be hidden underground, the thief will never know were it’s hiding. Great idea, isn’t it?  The burglars will not waste time trying to hide a hidden safe. It won’t deter burglars from breaking in, but at least your most precious valuables will be safe.

Sentry Group Safes


The Sentry Group has produced more security storage items then any other company in the world. They were founded in 1930. The Sentry Group manufactures all different type of safes. There safes are rated number one in protecting personal property from water as well as fire. Safes have five general functions.

A safe in general is used for security. The Sentry Group produces more fire-resistant chests, file cabinets, safes, security storage containers and gun safes than any other company. They have won numerous awards. In 1999 it won “Vendor of the Year” from Lowes. The Sentry Group prides themselves on honestly made and honestly sold products.

What Do You Need Your Safe For?

home security safe

When choosing a security safe for your home there are certain things to consider before purchasing a safe. Determine the security requirements for the safe. You will want to determine what kind of things you are going to want to store in your safe. Safes are heavy on their own accord so adding more to it will increase the weight.

A home security safe can be quit costly. Compare the cost of the safe with your budget. If you need a safe then you will want to purchase a good one. Determining what you are going to put in the safe, will determine what kind of safe you need and how much you will have to spend.

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The Beauty Of A Five Star Hotel

wall safes

When you stay at a five star hotel, you can be assured that you are going to get a five star treatment. The rooms will be luxurious and top of the line. The service will be impeccable. You do get what you pay for, when it comes to five star hotels.

You can also be assured that there will be a wall safe for your important information to be stored. When you travel you don’t want to carry important documents around with you. What happens if you misplace your passport? That’s why it’s important to keep your important documents where you know they will be secure. That’s the beauty of staying at a five star hotel, they really  have you covered.

Having Self Security In Your Home

home safe

Keeping your personal items safe is an important part of keeping your family safe. You want to make sure that you have your valuables in a secure area. This can be anything from social security cards to family heirlooms. It’s important to have a  feeling of security.

Having a home safe provides for that kind of self security. There are many different types of safes that you can choose for your home. Wall safes, floor safes, as well as fire proof safes are just a few of the options to choose from. Whichever safe you choose remember that there is no such thing as being over secure.

Burglars Beware


For as long as there have been people there have been thefts. People covet what they do not have, and some of them will act on those feelings. So, as people we have to protect our property. In the past people generally kept their valuables locked in vaults or sea chests.

In the 1800’s we began using more modern safes. These safes were called iron chests. They did a good job protecting your property because they were heavy enough that burglars could not easily make off with them. Burglars would essentially try to take them to a safer place to crack them. They were also made out of heavy materials, stone, wood, cement and brick to name a few.

Silly Burglar… You Thought It Was Just Soda

money safe

Today people are not so trusting in banks anymore. Some people feel that having your money at home is a safer option. Back in the day people would stash their money under the mattress. Some people would go as far as even burring their money in the ground.

As of today there are more modern ways to stash your money at home. One type of money safe is a stash can. Theses are great because you can hide your money and or jewelry in plain site. Stash cans are also called diversion safes. They can come in any shapes, anywhere from a dr. pepper can to a candle

Hollon RSV-5930 Gun Safe

Door: 10 Gauge
Body: 10 GaugeDoor Thickness: 5 inches
Body Thickness:1.25 inches

This gun safe is a perfect safe to use to store long guns, hand guns, as well as other valuable items such as paperwork and other important keepsake items.  It has a thick 10 gauge steel for all around protection culminated with bolts that wrap the door.  It also has a hard plate that is located behind the lock to prevent the safe from being opened during punch attacks.  The interior of the gun safe has removable and adjustable shelves to arrange the interior to just the perfect arrangement for your needs.  The safe features an electronic lock that has a bonus feature of a key override in case the lock would ever fail.  This allows you to be able to get into the safe at all times, in case you forget your code, the battery dies, or you are having technical difficulty.

Selecting Security Safes

Security, particularly in rough economic times, weighs heavily on the minds of many Americans. When buying security safes for your home or office, you need to consider several factors to narrow down your choices. There are hundreds if not thousands of different safes in various shapes, sizes, and security levels. You need to examine your needs in order to make the best selection.

Start out by determining what documents and objects you need to store in security safes. This will help determine the size and level of security. Obviously, the more valuable the items you need to secure are the more secure you’ll want your safes. The ultimate in security is purchasing a safe with a biometric lock that can only be opened by fingerprint. These types of security safes eliminate the need for keys which are easy to misplace and more likely to fall into the wrong hands. Once you’ve figured out size and security level, examine different safes according to where they will be located, as in, do you need a wall safe, a floor safe, free standing safe, or other?

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