Add an Extra Layer of Protection with a Reserve Gun Safe

July 26th, 2012

If you own guns, you most likely have them either to protect your home and family, to use for hunting, or simply for sport. You certainly do not have them in order to bring any unwanted harm to anyone. That is why when they are not being used; they are kept securely under lock and key, where only you can access them. If you want to be able to ease your mind about the security of your gun collection, you need a Hollon Reserve gun safe.

Hollon went above and beyond the call of duty when designing their newest line of reserve gun safes. Hollon is known for producing wonderfully crafted and reliable safes, but they decided to take these models one step further to provide you, your guns, and your family with even more protection. Especially if you have children in the house, you need a gun safe that is impenetrable, and a Reserve gun safe is definitely that solution.

Unlike other models, the reserve gun safe is crafted out of extra thick 10-gauge steel on both the doors and the walls of the safe. When you open and close the door you can really feel the sturdiness and the weight of the structure. Nobody will be able to pry open the door of this monster of a device. The door is then held secure using solid steel locking bolts.

Your reserve safe can even be upgraded to include an electronic digital combination. This makes it not only easy to quickly open and retrieve your guns, but it also makes it simple for you to change your combination as frequently as you’d like. If you feel that someone may have learned your combination, you can instantly change the code without having to hire a locksmith to change it for you.

Hollon certainly thought of every safety and security precaution that any gun owner might need when designing the reserve gun safe. It comes equipped with a removable gun rack and adjustable shelf to make it easier than ever to conveniently store a variety of firearms of every shape and size. The safes are also able to withstand one hour of fire exposure of up to 1250 degrees. If you are at all worried about the security of your firearms in your home, this line of gun safes can certainly ease your mind and protect you from any possible circumstance.

Written by Amarillo

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