A floor safe provides the most security when mounted in concrete

February 13th, 2009

Floor Safe

A floor safe is designed to be mounted in a wooden or concrete floor, but provides the most security when surrounded by concrete.  This is true because a floor safe has a drill-resistant steel top plate that a conventional drill bit won’t even scratch.  Most burglars do not have the necessary skill to quickly open a safe with a good locking mechanism, so they usually rely on carrying the safe off somewhere else to work on it.  This is not possible if the safe is mounted in concrete.

A floor safe can also be purchased with a slot in the top, allowing for items to be deposited into the safe without opening it.  These are known as depository safes.  They are not quite as secure as a regular floor safe, though, so you should periodically move the contents to a safer location.  Floor safes come with a variety of locking mechanisms, including the electronic keypad type locking mechanism and the more traditional mechanical combination dial.  For more information on the floor safe.

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