A fire proof safe can save you countless money and time

April 3rd, 2009

Fire Proof Safe

Think about all of the documents that you have lying around in a desk drawer or filing cabinet at your home or business.   What would it take to replace them?  A lot of time and money, for one.  In addition, some are probably irreplaceable.  What about those pictures of your family when you were young?  Well, a fire proof safe can help you make sure these documents will never be destroyed.  Not all safes are fire proof — be sure and check the rating on the safe to make sure.

Example fireproof ratings are 1-hour fireproof and 2-hour fireproof.  A 1-hour fireproof rating means that the safe has been subjected to actual fire conditions for a period of 1 hour, and the temperature inside the safe did not get hot enough to damage the contents.  In addition, the safe was tested to make certain that none of the water used to put out the fire made it inside the safe — a rated fire proof safe will protect the contents from damage due to both fire and water.  For more information on the fire proof safe.

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