Hollon Safe Gun Safes, and why they are so great

Well let me tell you a little about us and our products: This is our warehouse and we are the distributor and typically just sell dealers to dealers across the country, anywhere from Chicago and LA, all the way to Manhattan and Florida. So typically we start our quality where Big Box retailers end theirs.
Let me start with our most popular product the Republic (of Texas) which is MADE IN THE USA, actually made here our warehouse.*ill show you in a second * It has a 90 min Fire Rating at about 1400 degrees, has a 8 gauge body and a 1/4 ” Solid steel plate welded on the outside exterior of the door for even more protection.This safe is made with 300% thicker steal than industry standard for extra security . …….approach him into feeling the safe

Dial it open for him and let him open the door
let him feel the interior and make him aware what great of a product he has in front of him
then close with
” the safe includes a free LED Light kit, a rechargeable dehumidifier, and a Jewelry Box, door organizer”
now you can free talk but dont go into more detail make him wait for his questions
“Our next runner up is our Black Hawk series, it has a 75 min fire rating and a 10 gauge body which includes 14 massive 1.5 ” bolts”
Dial this safe open for costumer and then have him open this door as well, make him aware of the downgrade without degrading the BlackHawk so start with an excellent feature of it **** the amount of bolts and make him touch it********
this safe also includes a free LED light kit, and rechargeable dehumidifier, and door organizer, this is a great product and is made with 30% more steel than industry standard.
move to next safe in line
Our next Series is our Hunter Line, it has a 45 min F/R, 12 gauge body and 1 1/4 inch bolts and a drill resistant Hard plate, and 4 bolt down holes to secure foundation and typically comparable but above ministry standard compared to big box retailers. industry standard
dial the safe open and have him open it once again, he then will notice the safe doesn’t have a free LED Light, make him aware of this

This one doesn’t include the LED Light kit or dehumidifier but you can always have it added if you want.
Now ask him if he has anymore questions.Take charge because he did give you permission to explain you the product.

Why Walls have always been the number one Security measurements since Day 1. Safes, Walls, Business and Success TTW-2015

When managing, or owning a business one has many worries. Are we meeting our Goals, are we consistent, do we set a clear agenda, are we realistic with our Goals, are we creating a good work environment, are we profitable, are we segmenting ourselves to the right consumers, what do our consumers think about us. One could not put a cap on the number amount of worries.

No matter how much emphasis one puts in preventing these concerns, they are just part of the industry. However, a worry that will keep you restless at night if not done properly is Security!

If this is a worry of yours, how can one successfully run a business, it’s just something a professional cannot afford to ever worry about. The absence or  lack of security or leads to Chaos and you don’t ever want to invite chaos into your life. YOU DO NOT WANT CHOAS!! View your business as your own Castle, the safety of your staff and your business is a must. Kings need sleep, and Kings like sleeping in castles for a sense of security, without peace of mind a King cannot lead. So where do Kings get their sense of security? By sleeping behind STRONG secure walls. Buying himself time, of an unexpected event is an investment that will always be worth it.

Your Business may not be operating at all hours of the day but protecting it is a 24/7 Job. So, protecting your Castle to the upmost of your ability is a MUST. The best solution to Securing your “Castle” would be building barriers of safety between you and trouble with strong solid walls surrounding it. Having a Depository Wall Safe is one of or if not smartest decision you can ever make for your company just because knowing that even in the event of a burglary or robbery, the majority of your finances will be protected is reassuring.

Having a depository safe mounted inside the wall of your building adds an element of safety that no one will be able to easily steal the entire safe. The TTW-2015 C/E a B-rated Depository safe with ½” Steel Doors and (5) 1-1/4” Solid Steel Active Locking Bolts with and internal spring loaded to relock the device after ever opening is just another line of defense. The 4 Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes and Anti-Fish baffle prevents theft through deposit door.
Add a UL Listed Group II Mechanical Dial or a UL Listed Type 1 S&G Spartan Electronic Lock and your castle isn’t just a castle, NOOOO now your Castle is a FORTRESS OF SAFTEY. So, if you are trying to add that extra edge of security to make your Castle more secure it is worth investing into the Through the Wall Safe (TTW-2015).

Why are Drop & Depository Safes Prevalent?

Depending on the use one may have for a safe, depository safes are important for fast deposits. With a front drop loader or rotary hopper, there’s no need for entering a combination or code for opening a door to make a deposit. For the uninitiated, some people speculate why their keypad only lasted for a couple years when they’re using it 5-10 times a day.  The front drop access prolongs the life of the dial or keypad and decreases the wear and tear of the locking mechanism.  Great for commercial use, retail companies, restaurants, convenience stores, and money handlers love depository safes specifically for this reason. Before buying a depository safe, one may also ask these questions:

What is the range of currency I want to keep in a B rated depository safe?

Any answer for someone professional in the safe business to provide you to this question would be an opinion due to the fact that there are multiple security measures you should contemplate other than simply owning a safe. Ideally, the more money you need to keep in the safe, the more aware you want to be of the security protecting the safe itself.  Such as, having a depository safe with a couple thousand dollars sitting under the register with a blanket over it compared to having it in a locked room with a security system installed.

On a daily basis, how often will I make deposits?

As mentioned before, not having to enter a combination or code to open a door just to put things inside a safe saves time and insures longer lasting locks from excess use. If you need to make a safe deposit daily, look no further. Quick and fast deposits save time and worry when it comes to preventing potential lurkers while handling money.

A recommendation:

Whereas most safe manufacturers design B rated safes to meet the minimum requirements, (at least ¼” thick steel body with a ½” steel door) they don’t have a variety of different models. Unless you want to find a company to fabricate a safe to your measurements (which can be quite expensive) Hollon Safe Company will most likely have the model that meets your size specifications due to their considerable selection with an additional option of a roller hopper depository or front loading door. For example, their most popular depository safe HDS-2014 stands above its competitor model Not too heavy, not too light, at 90 lbs. the HDS-2014 is fit for any ideal location and can easily be concealed if needed. With an option of a Sergeant & Greenleaf dial or S&G Spartan keypad this safe is designed to meet the most basic needs one may have for a safe in mind. With 4 bolt down holes, a well-grounded heavy duty safe is not to be taken lightly when it comes to security. Not that looks matter when you shouldn’t show off your safe nevertheless Hollon does have better looking depositories compared to their competitor models such as Gardall and Amsec.

Hollon’s Current HDS-2014 Model