Reasons to Add a Drawer Safe to Your Office

You could fit it under your desk (if you’re in a cubicle like setting) and you could put cash, jewelry, expensive headphones, tablet devices and other valuables that you’re afraid someone might snag after hours.


One thing about working in an office is this: you never know who is going to end up being around your desk! You spend countless hours at your office and you’re bound to have some things there which you don’t want nosy neighbors or the cleaning staff having access to, right? Since you can’t be guarding your office space at all times, it’s nice to know things like drawer safes exist where you can store your valuables.


Here’s a scenario: you have your personal iPad at work. It cost you several hundred dollars and you don’t let just anybody use it. It’s the one you brought from home, with pictures of your family on it. You want to have it at work for use during your break time, but you don’t want to leave it on your desk, in your purse/bag, or anywhere where someone could randomly pick it up and start looking through your personal pictures and stuff. Where are you going to put it? A drawer safe is the perfect place for it.


Value Safes sells the Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23. It’s the kind of safe every person who works in an office setting should have– a secure way to store valuables so others don’t take them.


A drawer safe adds a feeling of privacy and security to your office. It’s a small-yet-sturdy place to lock away cash, keys, credit cards, important paperwork, jewelry, medications and even weapons. Having all your very important “stuff” in a drawer safe is a good idea because then you know where everything is– it’s all in one spot rather than scattered about the office.


The other nice thing about a drawer safe is that it can be placed in a way that not everyone sees it. Sure, a cleaning person might know it’s there, but the average person doesn’t have to even know it exists if it’s hidden from view. Keeping things in a drawer safe gives you some needed privacy at work.


Drawer safes today use electronic locks and spring loaded doors; Value Safes’ Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23 involves entering a code to gain access to what’s inside the safe. Then the spring opens the door automatically. It’s easy-to-use.


The safe can fit into a cabinet, inside a closet, or be placed on a shelf. It’s 50 pounds and can be bolted to the floor or wall if needed. It’s convenient.


Specifically, the Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23 has a thick solid steel-plate door, two motorized active chrome locking bolts, and a programmable digital electronic keypad. Operating on 4 “AA” batteries, the safe comes with a mechanical key override should the code get forgotten or the batteries run out. The exterior is a powder coat finish and the velvet interior includes dividers. It’s a well-made safe, worthy of storing your valuables.


Value Safes of Port Charlotte, Florida, is a family-owned business that ships direct from manufacturers to you. To ask any questions about the Protex Drawer Safe DRW-23 or safes in general, email or call 1-877-629-6214.



Ways to Prevent Home Burglaries

One of the easiest crimes to prevent is a burglary. Though it may be difficult to know of or to prevent the trespassing of an individual, you are the one who can control the safety of your valuables. Depending on your neighborhood, having a safe to secure your valuable belongings can quite possibly be a necessity. But, surprises are thrown at us all the time; even the safest houses and neighborhoods can suffer from burglaries from time to time.



Another way that your goods and valuables may be stolen or destroyed is by natural disasters, house fires, or floods. By keeping your most valuable goods in a safe place, you can prevent them from being burned in a fire, soaked in a flood, or being lost with debris during storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Why chance it?


Some of the Most Common Stolen Items from Homes:

  •   Money
  •   Precious jewelry and expensive metals, plaques, or trophies
  •   Expensive office equipment
  •   Firearms
  •   Medications
  •   Cell phones, laptops, tablets


Can you imagine having any of these items stolen from your possession in the blink of an eye? Why take the risk, invest in a safe today.


Value Safes, Inc. is a company that specializes in keeping their customer’s items safe. Offering safety and security containers and storage of all different sizes, shapes, and protection intensity, this company has something for keeping your valuables safe. Not all safes are what you probably think – large, difficult for even the owner to unlock, and spacious. With Value Safes, you can choose from a selection of safes and storages of all different sizes that will fit into any nook or cranny in your house. Also offered are safes that are fireproof, waterproof, and humidity proof to secure any perishable belongings.