TL-15 Jewelry Safe: GV-1912

Are you in the market for a new jewelry safe for your home or office? Consider the TL-15 Jewelry Safe model GV-1912 from Value Safes. Here are some of the great figures on this safe:

jewelry safe



·         Massive 2″ thick door, 5 1/4″ overall

·         Active 1 1/4″ chromed locking bolts

·         Tempered glass re-locker

·         Chrome-plated die cast handle

·         Adjustable shelves

·         Stainless fascia plates



Feel safe with your jewels and gems protected in this safe.  There is also 2 hour fire protection as well.  As far as the interior of the safe, there is 1.6 cubic feet to utilize for storage.


A safe can do more than just protect what is inside.  It gives you the opportunity to organize your jewelry as well.  This way you know where each and every piece is at all times.  This is a much safer method than storing your jewelry on top of dressers, in sock drawers or in unlocked jewelry boxes by your mirror.  You don’t have to worry about losing your precious jewels.


One of the most important factors in choosing a safe is looking at its weight.  At 640lbs TL-15 Jewelry Safe model GV-1912, it will be easily protected from burglars as well.


When considering the right safe for your home or office, keep in mind the TL-15 Jewelry Safe model GV-1912 from Value Safes.  It has great protection from fires, burglars and it is top notch when it stands against many other similar models of jewelry safes.

10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Safe

When purchasing a safe, you have a few things to consider. In order to find the ideal safe for your needs, consider a few things about safes before making the purchase.
There is so much more to safes than meets the eye. You cannot simply look at safes and guess which one is best. Moreover, you should not purchase your safe solely based on price, size, or color. Think about what you want to protect, and read about the different safe types below. When you know what your best assets are, and what the risks near you home are, you’ll be able to choose the perfect safe for your needs.
Fireproof Safes
Fireproof safes are actually more fire “resistant”. This means that they will withstand heat and smoke, and water in some cases. Fireproof safes protect sentimental or important items in the event of a house fire. These safes are not meant for valuables like cash and jewelry, as they’re not designed to keep intruders out the way that security safes are. You can find fireproof, burglar safes, which are not only fireproof, but also designed to keep others out of them.
Burglar Fire Safes
Consider the BF rating. Think about the maximum value the safe can protect, and determine if it will exceed the value of your belongings over the next 10 years. If anything increases in value dramatically, you may want a new safe to reflect the content inside of it.
Floor Safes
Floor safes are great for your extremely valuable pieces, as burglars will have a much more difficult time getting into them. However, they’re not great for withstanding fires, so it’s not exactly the best place for important documents or sentimental photos.

Why Your Business Should Have a Safe


If you are considering purchasing a safe for your business you may be surprised by all of the reasons that it is a smart investment for your company.  We provide a list of some of the top reasons to own a safe below.


Theft – this is usually the top reason for any business to buy a safe is to keep valuables protected from thieves.  A business can be vulnerable during all times of day for thieves, whether it is at night after hours, or during normal business hours as well.  This can be especially important if you are located in an area where break-ins normally occur.


Fires/Natural Disasters – As much as we hate to admit it, these things do happen.  If wildfires, floods, or tornadoes are something that occurs naturally in your area, it is important to know that your valuables and important documents are protected.


Easy Access – Everything that is important in your company or in life in general should always have its place.  Having a safe in your business ensures that everything that has value is stored correctly.  This way whenever you need to find your important documentation it is easily accessible to you when you need it.  Having this method of access will allow any important documents to be placed in a secure area, rather than in this pile, or that drawer where they can easily be misplaced, lost or thrown out.


As you can see there are many legitimate reasons to make the investment in having a safe for your business.  If the unfortunate event of robbery or natural disaster does happen in your office, the safe will be an invaluable asset that you will be thankful that you purchased.

Why You Need a Dehumidifier

dehumidifierThe items that you are storing in your safe are definitely going to hold some value to you, whether it is monetary or sentimental. There is a reason that you are storing them in a safe place.  Many people fail to realize is that once your valuables are stored in a safe, they are not safe from humidity.


Humidity and moisture can cause serious damage to your jewelry, guns and anything else that you may be storing.  Take notice the next time that you open up your safe.  Are your firearms and jewelry warm? Does it smell musty inside?


If you answered yes to either of these questions you are the perfect candidate for a dehumidifier for your safe.  The dehumidifiers at Value Safes are child and pet friendly; there is no mess to clean up like your standard dehumidifier.  They are also small and silent which is the best part, you will never hear them kick on and off at night in your closet, spare room or basement while you sleep.


Rust is also another worry when thinking about all of the moisture in the air inside of a safe.  You can rest easy that when you use a dehumidifier for your safe that rust will not have the opportunity to form when used correctly.


Most dehumidifiers will have a life of roughly 10 years or so with proper maintenance.  You will certainly get a return on your investment with this helpful gadget as well as piece of mind that your items are stored with protection both on the inside and outside.

Using Safes to Prevent against Theft

hollan safe
There are many people that believe that since their front doors are locked that they think their belongings are safe. This is simply not true!
The most common times for a theft to happen in your home are from 10am to 3pm, whether you are home or not. While there are thieves of all genders, race, size, etc. the most common thief will be a younger male in their mid to late teens. It is important that you keep your valuables safe.
Safes are a great way to do this. While there are many different kinds of safes, they all have the same purpose in mind- to keep your belongings with you! Many models can be bolted down to a surface or piece of furniture to make sure that people can’t just walk away with the safe that contains your goods.
Not only do homeowners need safes, but so do businesses! It is very common for a business to have larger amounts of cash sitting in a safe because of how much they need to use in a single day. Either way, safes are the way to go to make sure your valuables stay where they belong.
Here are some facts and statistics about theft:

  • Every 18 seconds a burglary takes place in the US.
  • On average, a burglar spends about 12 minutes inside a home.
  • Only 13% of burglars are caught by the police.
  • 60% of burglaries happen during the day time. Cash, jewelry, and electronics are among the top things that are stolen, along with weapons.
  • It is estimated that one in every thirty six homes will be burglarized this year.
  • The top three cities with the most burglaries are Houston, Chicago, and New York City.

Don’t know much about safes? Call one of our safe specialists today and they can help you decide which safe best fits your needs.

Buying a Gun Safe: What to Consider

gun safe
There’s a certain element of paranoia for anyone who owns a firearm. You can take all of the precaution in the world and still get that uneasy feeling when you have an armed (or unarmed) weapon in your possession.
Through television and Internet outlets, there has been a lot of media cover about how to keep guns, knives and weapons out of the wrong hands. The best protection is by use of a safe. A good safe is one that has all of the bells and whistles in order to keep guns locked safely away.
But what exactly are those bells and whistles? With many safes on the market now, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are two key components to consider before buying a safe. We’ve outlined them below.
The steel thickness is the first to consider. Some companies are choosing composite doors over steel ones. The composite doors are actually thin and folded pieces of sheet metal with sheetrock inside. This material serves no actual real protection against a safe break-in. What you really want is a safe made of 100% thick steel.
Next is to look at the locking bolts. You will want to make sure these parts that keep the safe together are thick and non-flimsy. Strong durable metal should be used or else it will be very easy for a thief to get in. If all it takes is little effort to bend the internal parts of the safe, then the safe is not worth a purchase.
Personal safety is paramount, so it only makes sense that you invest in a safe that will do its job.