Wisdom of Floor Safes

While there are exceptions, most home invaders don’t want to spend more than five minutes inside your house. If you can keep a safe hidden from view, there is a good chance it won’t be found during a robbery. Floor safes are the best way to keep safes hidden, especially since removal is so difficult should they be found. If covered with a rug or furniture, it’s likely no one would even know it was there. The LaGard FF-33 and the LaGard B2500 are both popular floor safe choices, and could be exactly what you need to protect your belongings.

Wisdom of a Wall Safe

A visible safe may merely advertise the fact that you keep valuables in your home. Most thieves won’t spend more than a few minutes inside the house, but that’s plenty of time for them to see your safe and make plans to return for it. If you keep your safe hidden inside a wall, it will likely escape any notice, especially if you keep it behind artwork or furniture. These wall safes can be theft-proof and fireproof, which will help you to guard against any possible threat to your valuable belongings. With specific security features on your wall safe, you won’t need to worry about the contents.