Wisdom of a Fireproof Gun Safe

Even if you have a gun safe at the moment, it might not be exactly what you need to keep yourself and your family safe. A lot of safes aren’t created to be security and fireproof safes, so you could have something in your home that wouldn’t protect your guns from a fire. You should ensure that you have a fireproof gun safe so that you know your firearms are safe and secure at all times. You can get the same security from your fireproof gun safe as you can from any other safe, so make the upgrade in the name of safety.

Why You Want a Floor Safe

A floor safe is an excellent choice for several reasons. As with a wall safe, the floor safe can ensure that your belongings are always out of sight. The LaGard FF-33 and the LaGard B2500 are both popular floor safe models that can be installed quickly and easily. They have access to the safe from a door in the top, which can be covered easily by furniture or a rug. When your safe is not visible, it is less likely to be discovered during a home invasion, and that means you are more likely to hang onto your valuable belongings.

Why You Need a Fireproof Safe

You should always have a safe in your house that can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees. Even if you don’t have valuables, there are documents you should protect with a fireproof safe, such as passports, birth certificates, and even insurance information. Without a fireproof safe, all of those documents could be destroyed in just a few minutes. There are different safe models available that will protect for various times, from an hour to two hours. Keep in mind that fireproof safes are not meant to protect from theft, unless the safe you purchase specifically specifies that it is theft-proof as well as fireproof.

Why Choose a Fireproof Safe

No one likes to think about bad things happening, but the truth is that things really do happen to good people. If you don’t have your valuables, especially important documents, protected from disaster, you could end up with a great deal of heartache in the end. Choosing a good fireproof safe could be all you need to protect yourself from the damage that fire can create. Many home safes can protect the content for up to thirty minutes from temperatures topping 1200 degrees. Of course, you can get safes that are even more protective than that if you feel you’d like the additional peace of mind.

Which Safe Classification Do You Need

Choosing the security level on a safe shouldn’t be too hard, but it really does depend on what you need to keep protected. For smaller valuables and important documents, the TL-15 is usually just fine. This safe will protect your belongings from invaders with hand tools for fifteen minutes. Most people won’t stick around that long to get the goods. A TRTL rated safe will also protect from torches that might be used to break in, while the TXTL means that it is impervious to explosives, as well as the hand tools and torches. The TXTL-60 is one of the highest ratings available and is best for those with serious valuables in their homes.