Using a Drop Safe with Your Business

A drop safe is the perfect solution to business owners that would like to protect large amounts of cash until a bank can be visited. With a drop safe, you can simply slip the money in at certain times of the day without needing to open the safe itself. This means you can keep your drop safe on a time lock system and won’t ever need to worry about people getting to the contents without the proper authorization. In addition, drop safes have “shark teeth” over the drop, which means no one can go fishing for the money after it’s been dropped in.

Upgrade Your Strongbox to a Safe

Most people feel they can get by with a strongbox for their valuables, but the truth is that a thief can pick up a strongbox and carry it with him. A safe provides much more security for your valuables, especially if you purchase a wall safe or a floor safe that can remain hidden. Home invaders typically spend less than five minutes inside a house, and that gives them plenty of time to pick up your strongbox and leave. It will not, however, give them the time to locate or open your safe. It’s a wise upgrade to make, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind.

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Understanding Safe Ratings

Safes are not all created equally. You can actually select the level of security you want your safe to have, from a classic wall safe to a fireproof gun safe. The letters that follow the name of the safe will let you know what you’re looking at. The TL rating means that hand tools will not open the safe. TRTL refers to the safe being impervious to hand tools and torches. The TXTL is the strongest class, with protection against hand tools, torches, and explosives. Most general consumers will find that the lowest classification is plenty, but it’s nice to know that more protection is possible.

Ultimate Safe Security

Not many people find the need to purchase a safe with higher security ratings than a TL-15. This particular grade will keep your belongings safe from intruders with hand tools for no less than fifteen minutes. This is often plenty of security for general documents and smaller valuables. If you find that you need higher grades, you can consider the TRTL level, which protects from hand tools and torches, or the TXTL grade, which is impervious to explosives. As you might imagine, a safe that reads a TXTL-60 rating is just about the highest classification you can get for a private home, with protection from hand tools, torches, and explosives for no less than an hour.