Top of the Line Safes

For the most part, general consumers get all the protection they need with a TL-15 home safe. Sometimes, however, more protection is needed. If you have furs or other large valuable that need the utmost protection, you might need to consider the TRTL-30×6 safe. The TRTL-30×6 safe rating means that it is impervious to hand tools and torches for up to thirty minutes on all six sides of the safe. It is constructed from compressed concrete that his housed between magnesium steel hardplates. In addition to keeping thieves out, it is also fireproof up to 1750 degrees for two hours. There is no better safe for your needs.

The LaGard FF-33 Wall Safe

If you have considered getting a home safe, you might want to think about a model that can be hidden at all times. You have the choice between a floor safe and a wall safe, so the decision relies on the structural make up of your home and your own personal choice. The wall safe tends to be a popular choice, since it is often kept at eye level and is easier to get in and out of. The LaGard FF-33 wall safe is a popular brand that can fit easily into most locations in your home, so long as the structural integrity of your home will support it.

Strongest Safes for Your Valuables

Most of the time, a general home safe is just fine for protecting your valuables. If, however, you have expensive jewelry and furs that require more stringent protection, you should consider some of the stronger safes available. The TL-15 rating will protect your belongings from a thief wielding hand tools for up to fifteen minutes. You can also find safes that will protect from torches and even explosives. Consider the value of the things you want to protect and then choose a safe with safety ratings accordingly. You may pay more up front for your safe, but the protection it can offer is priceless.

Selecting Security and Fire Safes

Too many people assume their new security safe will also be fireproof or vice versa. The problem with this is that not all safes are created equally. If you buy a fire safe without checking out the security aspects, you could find that it’s vulnerable to theft the hardest way possible. There are fire safes that are rated for security, as well. If you are looking for something that will protect your belongings through any type of disaster, be it fire or burglary, you should check the specifications of your chosen safe to ensure that it will do double duty.