Keep Your Family Safe

Whether you have small children or not, it’s vitally important that you keep your firearms locked away at all times. When you keep your guns out of the wrong hands, you can ensure that accidents never happen. A gun safe, specifically a Winchester gun safe, can make protecting your guns and your loved ones easier than you think.

Aside from the safety aspect, a Winchester gun safe can also keep your firearms protected. Fire and everyday weather elements could render your weapons useless, but a gun safe protects them and keeps them in pristine condition. There is no reason to put off buying a gun safe, no matter what the brand.

Keep Valuables Safe

Large jewelry and fur collections require more than the everyday home safe. You might need to consider a vault for your home with higher security ratings. There are vaults and safes that can withstand hand tools, torches, and even explosives for up to an hour. Since most home invaders want to get in and out as soon as possible, these vaults and safes are very likely to keep your belongings out of their reach. You should never choose anything with a lower rating than a TL-15, which gives the minimum protection of fifteen minutes from hand tools. The investment will always be worth the cost.

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Importance of Gun Safes

While everyone has a right to own and carry a gun in the United States, it is important that those who choose to exercise that right also keep their guns in a secure place. Gun safes are specifically for those who own firearms, and they are meant to keep the wrong hands off of any type of gun. Homes with small children especially benefit from gun safes, but you can also look at a fireproof gun safe for extra protection from outside forces. While protecting your guns is certainly important, it is more important to protect others from your guns. That’s why you should consider a Reserve gun safe, or one of many other brands.

How to Choose a Safe

To protect all of the valuable things in your home, you should consider purchasing a safe. Knowing which brand and model to buy isn’t always easy, but there are a few things you can consider before you buy. Most people purchase a fireproof safe with the intention of keeping documents and valuables intact in case of a fire that burns up to 1400 degrees. You should realize that many fireproof safes are not rated to be theft-proof. To get the best of both, you should seek out the safes that are created both for fire and theft protection, or you could be disappointed.

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Handle Guns Safely

The Hollon Reserve line of gun safes will help you to practice unprecedented gun safety. Whether you have children in your house or not, you have a responsibility to keep your guns locked away. These safes by Hollon are the top in technology, with keypad entry and lockout options for the wrong combination. The safes themselves have additional security features that discourage entry with a crow bar, fire axe, or pry bar. With ten steel bolts locking the door, there is not much that would get you inside, save for a correct combination. Take the time to compare Hollon safes to other similar brands, and you’ll see you get more for your money.