Drop Safes Protect Your Company

The Protex FDD3020 is an excellent choice for companies with several employees that have access to cash. This drop safe will allow you to deposit cash throughout the day and keep it away from wandering hands. This particular model is small enough to fit under a desk and out of sight. There are penalties for bad combinations and spring-loaded re-locking mechanisms to ensure the utmost security for your money. The “shark teeth” at the deposit site will also keep hands and tools from fishing for cash after it has been deposited. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your balances every day.

Drop Safes and Front Depositories

Not every safe is right for your particular situation. If you own a small business and need somewhere to keep your extra cash at night, then a drop safe may be all you need. The drop safe and front depository safe is perfect for companies that have employees in close proximity to the cash. These safes will allow you to keep your money away from the wrong hands. The drops have teeth across the entrance, which will discourage anyone from fishing for the cash, either with hands or coat hangers. You won’t ever need to worry about your overnight deposits with a Hollon depository safe.

Don’t Skimp on Your Safe

Most people don’t realize that buying something cheap could cost more money in the long run. It happens all the time with cars, houses, electronics, and even home safes. If you purchase a cheap version of a home safe, you could find that it doesn’t offer the protection you really need to keep your valuables safe. If you settle for a lockbox, you could still lose everything in the event of a house fire. A lockbox can also be carried out during a home invasion, which makes it pretty useless as far as protection goes. If you want to protect your belongings, you need to get a real safe, and preferably one that can be bolted to the floor.

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Difference between Floor and Wall Safes

When you purchase a safe to protect your valuables from theft, you should be aware that it may not be fireproof. While there are several models of safes available that can protect from both theft and fire, you are not guaranteed to get protection from both if you don’t specifically purchase a safe that is meant to be both theft-proof and fireproof. Before you make a floor or wall safe purchase, you should double check the specifications to ensure that you are getting the protection you think you’re getting. Finding out after a theft or fire could be truly devastating.