Difference between Drop Safes and Depository Safes

Either a drop safe or a depository safe will be helpful to small businesses that deal with lots of cash on a daily basis, especially if there are employees that have access to that money. For the most part, the drop safe and the depository safe are the same and serve similar purposes. With either model, money can be inserted without opening the safe door. However, most companies find that the drop safe is perfect for deposits that will be removed each night, while the depository safe gives more protection for those that wish to love money in the safe for longer periods of time.

Choosing to Buy a Media Safe

Most IT guys will tell you that backing up your data is the only way to truly keep it safe, but you can consider purchasing a FireKing DS 1513 as another possible solution. This safe is specifically designed to keep media safe during the event of fire, but it can also keep it locked away from thieves. A media safe also has special features in place to protect from everyday elements, too. Humidity, heat, and dust are no problem for the USBs and CDs that you might keep in your safe, and everything will also be protected from any electromagnetic currents that might be present.

Choosing the Right Safe for You

Your immediate needs should help you decide which safe you should purchase. There are different safes and vaults available for any kind of protection you can imagine, from fire safes to gun safes. You can also find safes that are specifically designed to protect digital media, with features that protect from dust, heat, and electromagnets. Each safe has specific ratings, too, which will help you to determine the level of security you would like for your belongings. Keep in mind that most thieves won’t spend more than five minutes in your house, so usually the lowest rating is more than enough protection.

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