Choosing High Tech Safes

Safes are getting some amazing high tech upgrades lately. Most safes you find anymore rarely use the combination dial, and some don’t even use keypads. Biometrics is the hottest thing in technology, and they’re being used on just about everything anymore. This includes safes where the touch of a finger, as long as it’s the right finger, can open the safe in just a matter of moments. You don’t need to worry about remembering combinations or passwords, and you certainly don’t need to worry about anyone else figuring out how to get into your safe. The HZ-30 is the most popular model of high tech safes, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Choosing Depository Safes

Most companies find they can get by with a drop safe for daily business, but some might need a little more security. Depository safes can offer a few more security features, and that might make them the perfect safe choice for you. Just like drop safes, there is an opening where you can deposit money without opening the safe. However, this safe is more secure for overnight deposits. Many can be set to a time release, which means it can only be opened at specific hours. There are many other ways that depository safes can give better protection for your assets than drop safes, but they aren’t always the right answer.

Choosing Between Fire and Burglary Safe

While it is possible to get a burglary safe that protects from fire, many people don’t realize that they are usually two separate types of safes. You will have to verify that a safe is rated for fire and theft safety before buying, or you could end up disappointed. Hollon makes excellent examples of fire and burglary safes, with extra thick walls and doors that protect from heat and theft. These safes will remain fireproof for two hours. With three-directional locking bolts, they are made to keep thieves out, too. As always, these safes are the height of technology, and you’ll find them easy to use.

Creative Way To Hide Your Valuables

Security safeIf you are looking for a new and innovative way to hide your valuables, you can try using a diversion safe.  These safes are so innocent that they can be placed in plain sight.  Nobody but you will know that there is a safe just sitting in your pantry or bookshelves.

There are oil cans, fruit cans, flower pots, lotion bottles, and more.  They are all household products that are present in every home. You will never know that they are a security safe because they look and feel like the products they represent.  There is even a stone safe so you can even place your valuables in your garden.  Burglars won’t bother looking in pantries or bathrooms for possible locations of safes.  Diversion safes are really great ways to secure your valuables.

Choosing a Wall Safe

The idea of installing a wall safe might seem ludicrous to some, but the truth is that it offers even more security than a general home safe can give. Most thieves won’t spend more than five minutes in a home, so keeping your belongings out of sight is imperative. If they can’t find anything of value to take within five minutes, they won’t stick around. You can make your wall safe virtually invisible with furniture or artwork, and that will deter thieves from your most valuable belongings. The ratings you can find vary, but the most important thing is that you just get the protection you need with a wall safe.

Choosing a Top Notch Safe

The TXTL-60 safe is one of the highest rated safes available, and that means it offers some serious security for you and your belongings. This safe can protect your valuables from hand tools, torches, and explosives for no less than one hour. It can also protect your things in a fire for up to two hours. Most homes find that this safe is too expensive and just too much for the belongings that need protection, but if you have large valuables or things that just can’t be left to a lower rated safe, then any TXTL-60 rated safe may be exactly what you need.

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