Impenetrable Floor Safe

floorsafe.jpgEvery safe has vulnerabilities, but floor safes are considered among the hardest to crack. Whereas a wall safe can be removed and taken to another location by a determined criminal, a floor safe is considerably harder to move. If surrounded by concrete, a floor safe would have to be jack hammered around in order to be removed by a thief. With such a loud ruckus, someone is sure to notice.

The exposed door of a quality floor safe will come with a drill resistant hard plate. No two bit criminal with hardware store drills will be able to put a scratch in the plate. A floor safe also provides excellent protection against fire damage. Sometimes water damage can occur when a fire is put out, so look for floor safes that are sealed tight and made of a hard polymer body resistant to rust.

Gun Safety and Kids

gunsafety.jpgIn the eighth grade, a boy in my class died from a terrible in-home accident. He and his older brother were messing around with their father’s gun which had been left out in the open. Neither of them knew that the gun was loaded. The older brother jokingly aimed the gun at his younger brother’s head and pulled the trigger.

Needless to say, a few days later my classmate died in the hospital from the wound to his head. What continues to anger me to this day is that the accident was entirely preventable. Had my classmate’s father kept his gun properly stored in a gun safe, his children would not have been able to fool around with the loaded firearm. Every gun owner, whether or not there are children in the house, should properly store their weapons.

Protect Your Business Assets

6776.jpgBusiness owners often wait until they have been ripped off by an employee or associate before they invest in a depository safe. A smart business owner takes steps to prevent theft before there is a problem. It’s much better to invest a few hundred dollars now in a quality depository safe, then to lose thousands of dollars later in theft.

A depository safe is ideal for businesses because they give employees limited access to deposit money in the safe. In other words, employees and associates only have access to the cash they put into the safe. Once the safe is locked, only a person with the combination or key can get at the bulk of the money. For businesses that may have overnight deposits, a depository safe is a good idea for keeping your money safe at night when you’re not around to monitor the contents yourself. Remember to protect your business assets now so it won’t become a problem later.