Impenetrable TL 30 Safe

aabb.jpgPawn shops, jewelers, and credit unions all use TL 30 safes because they are top of the line and nearly impenetrable. These are the safes you store your diamonds and gold. The safe has several re-lockers and hard plate on top of hard plate, with ball bearings sandwiched between layers.

These handmade safes by the Hayman Safe Company can also be used in homes. Use a TL 30 safe to store your valuable collections and jewels. In fact, if your collection exceeds what your home insurance policy covers, you will get a discount for using a TL 30 under a supplemental rider policy. The reason insurance companies offer a discount for TL 30 safe users is that the safe is virtually impossible to break into. Secure your valuables today with a TL 30 safe!