Not Just for Pearls and Bearer Bonds

Most people associate safes with items of extreme value, such as expensive jewelry, stock certificates and some family heirlooms. Many people, however, don’t take the sentimental value of certain items into account when devising a strategy for keeping them safe. Items that are important to us for reasons other than monetary value can sometimes be worth far more in terms of attachment and personal value than items that cost a fortune.

A security safe isn’t just for the guy on TV or the rich guy with million-dollar pearls. Having a personal safe of your own allows you to safeguard the things in your life that mean the most to you. Whether it’s a child’s drawing or your great-grandfather’s guitar pick, the emotional value of some items makes them absolutely priceless. So why not protect them?

Should price matter when looking for a safe?


Time and time again I talk to people who have a certain price in mind when looking for a safe and won’t astray from that price range.  I can understand shopping on a budget and not having the money to purchase a more expensive safe but I don’t understand when someone has thousands of dollars worth of valuables and only want to spend pennies compared to the value that’s going inside it.

When looking at home safes, to office safes, to fire and burglary safes, and finally to high security safes, it can certainly be intimidating.  Start looking around and gather information and compare product.  Ask questions!  Companies that sell safes expect your questions and are happy to listen to those questions and answer them!  It is important to give an honest answer regarding what to keep in your safe so we can give an honest answer what safe would best suit your needs!

There is a general rule of thumb, office safes are more expensive than home safes, fire and burglary safes are more expensive than office safes, and high security safes are more expensive than fire and burglary.  With each of these categories comes more security.  This costs more to get the safes made, but also provides your items more security.  It’s always nice to start shopping with a budget, but after talking to specialists depending upon your needs, keep an open mind to mend that budget if necessary.  Don’t expect to store 100,000.00 in value in a home safe and feel secure about it.

Do you need a dehumidifier and what if there is no hole predrilled for it ?


There are many circumstances in which your safe should have a dehumidifier in it. It’s always smart to have a dehumidifier in a gun safe to protect your guns from any moisture that might accumulate.  Most importantly, if you are going to keep your gun safe in a garage make sure you get a dehumidifier.  They will suck out the majority of the moisture that can cause potential problems, i.e. rust, mold, etc. Should you get a dehumidifier for a home safe, a floor safe, a wall safe, or any other kind of safe? It’s not entirely necessary but will depend upon your climate and where the safe is being stored.  You can always place your belongings in a plastic bag or tupperware container for floor safe storage to prevent most moisture.  It never hurts to be a little extra cautious if you are storing items that moisture can cause problems with such as jewelery or metals.

If your safe does not come predrilled with a hole for the dehumidifier you still have options! I would actually recommend that you stay away from a safe that offers the hole as it is a source for fire to enter your safe!  You can get very nice rechargeable dehumidifiers that charge up being plugged into an outlet and last about 30-90days before needing to be plugged back in. The E-333 Dehumidifier is a great example of this.  The item needs to be plugged in to dry the crystals out then after about 20-30 days the crystals turn pink letting you know that it needs to be plugged back in.   These work great in any safe situation and are relatively small which is important when storing it in a safe when sometimes space is limited already!

Comprehensive Identity Protection

Most people understand the concept of securing critical papers like passports, identification cards and other important documents. In fact, most people will go to great lengths in order to maximize the safety and security of the documents they believe to be the most important. Many people forget, however, that unique and important information, like passports, social security, drivers license and credit card numbers can all be stored digitally and then backed up to removable media.

And then they leave the media on their desk. Not a good move. If it were taken it could pose just as much of a threat as having the documents themselves stolen. Why take the chance? If you have important backups sitting around your home or office then you would be wise to secure them. A media safe is a great part of your identity protection strategy. By keeping your digital backups and data secure you can rest easy knowing that your identity, and your valued possessions are safe and sound.