Secure Your Property

homesafe11.jpgIn today’s economic times home burglaries are unfortunately on the rise. With the growing number of residential burglaries occurring it’s becoming more and more difficult for victims to recover their stolen property. Even if something is of apparently low monetary value it’s possible that it can be taken. This is especially frustrating if it’s something you value for more than its monetary value, such as heirlooms and keepsakes. Even jewelry can sometimes mean more to us than the price it may fetch at a quick sale.

In order to prevent falling victim to this type of crime it’s best to keep your belongings in a home safe. This way you can ensure they’ll never be stolen, at least not easily. Home burglars won’t waste time with a safe since they can find more valuable things laying around much more quickly. So don’t take the risk with your important personal items. Keep them locked away, even if you have to lock them away in your own home.

How to Choose a Fireproof Safe

If you are in the market for a fireproof safe, you will want to make sure that you choose a safe that is able to offer you ample protection. The first thing you need to do is know what you will be storing. Most fireproof safes will work well for storing documents and the like. However, if you are going to store media backup material, such as a flash drive, you will want to have a media rated safe that will keep the temperatures low enough that the media will remain undamaged. Always make sure that you look at the fireproof ratings.

Secure Cash in Your Business

dropsafe.jpgIf you do any cash business you know there’s always a chance you or your employees may receive a large bill such as a $50 or $100. A lot of business can have employees put these underneath of the $20 bills in order to keep them safe and in one place. If you’re not careful, though, this bill can sometimes go on top of the twenties. I’ve seen it happen. And then I’ve seen that bill given as change at the end of a transaction. So the customer not only walks out with the product you sold them, they walk out with a pretty good chunk of cash.

It’s like winning the lottery for some people. Most people, however, will be honest and return the money. But if you’re in a fast paced business many people won’t even pay that much attention to their change, shoving it in their wallet and walking off only to discover the mistake much later. You can prevent this by installing a convenient and affordable drop safe near your cash register and ensuring that everyone immediately put large bills inside upon receipt. This can also be a great way to clean excess bills out of the register and keep them safe and secure with a minimum of excess handling.

Homes and Businesses Benefit from Jewelry Safes


How many times have you heard on the news that a home in your area has been burglarized? If you are a shop owner, you are probably well aware of the problem of break ins at pawnshops and jewelry shops where thieves are looking for easy access to jewels and money. One of the best things you can do to keep your jewelry secure is to start looking into jewelry safes. You can find jewelry safes that are perfect for the home as well as for your business. Rather than waiting until it is too late, you should check out various safes and choose the one that’s right for you. If you are wanting maximum protection check out our used TRTL-30×6 Safes

Gun Safes are Better than Gun Cabinets

Many people who own firearms want to have them on display, and they choose to buy glass-fronted cabinets. While they may look great, and you can show off your firearms, they do not require the protection that you need. Gun safes are a far better option in terms of protection. The last thing you would want is for a thief to come into your home, break into the cabinet and use a gun against you or your family. Keep your guns and your loved ones safe with high quality gun safes instead. The safes are certainly well worth their cost.

Fireproof Safes for All Occasions

How important are fireproof safes? Anyone who has gone through a fire and lost pictures, valuables, and important paperwork could tell you just how important they truly are. When you buy these safes, you will want to check the fire rating on them to see how long they are able to protect your documents. It might even be a good idea to buy more than one safe. You can keep fireproof safes in the home as well as the office. If you have a vacation home, consider getting one for that house as well. You can never have too much protection.

Does Your Small Business Need a Drop Safe?

What is the purpose of a drop safe? If you are a new business owner, perhaps running a boutique, a salon, or another small shop, then you might not be aware of the importance of one of these safes. When you have cash on the premises after a few hours, you will want to be able to put that cash into a safe place other than the registers. Thieves will immediately take cash from that location when they rob the store. However, with a drop safe, you will be able to take the extra cash from the register and keep it secure.

Depository Safes for Small Businesses

Running a small to mid-sized business has plenty of hassles and risks as well as rewards. The security of your money may be at risk when you neglect to use depository safes for your store. These safes are an easy way for you to keep your money safe in the event of a holdup. You will be able to put cash and checks into the safe when you don’t have time to take them to the bank. The depository safes come in different sizes and styles with various options. Finding the best safe for your business is easy, and it is well worth the investment.

Choose the Right Drop Safe for Your Business

A drop safe can be a perfect addition to any small or medium-sized business. When you are considering buying a drop safe for your business, you need to make sure that you are buying the best safe for your needs. Each business is different, and not every safe is going to be a perfect fit. Consider the size of the safe that you need, as well as the location in the store. Make sure that the safe is installed properly as well, as this helps to deter would be thieves. Adding one of these safes to your other security efforts is a great idea.

Choosing a Floor Safe Provides Great Security

If you have valuables in your home that you want to keep safe and secure, a floor safe is one of the best options available. It will keep your valuables safe from theft and from fire. These hidden safes come in many different sizes and shapes, and you can find something that will work with the flooring that you already have. It’s generally a good idea to see what the fireproof rating on the safe is, just in case you ever have a fire. A floor safe is a great addition to your home security, and they are certainly worth the cost!