What Does TL-15?

safe.jpgUnless you’re a safe expert, you probably have no idea where to start when you go shopping for a safe. Luckily, manufacturers have anticipated this and Underwriters’ Laboratories offers standardized safety ratings to help you make an informed decision. These straightforward ratings grade the safes on a myriad of factors—from fire ratings to impact tests.

One of the primary indicators of a safe’s effectiveness is the TL, which indicates the net working time. In order to compute the TL, Underwriters’ Laboratories attempts to break into the safe using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. A TL-15 safe, for example, has a working time of 15 minutes. This means that the safe withstood efforts to be cracked for at least 15 minutes.

FL-01E Depository Safe


There are many different depository safes available on the market and may different uses for them.  Some are storing high volumes of cash, and some are storing one to two hundred dollars and some are good for storing payments received through the day but not for overnight storage.  What you are storing the depository safe will tell you what type to look for.  If you are storing on the low side when it comes to amounts of money, this Hollon FL-01E safe would be perfect for you.  It comes with bolt down holes predrilled, includes the anti-fish baffle, 1/2″ in door and 1″ locking bolt.  This is going to provide you great protection for your business.  As with even the most secure safe, part of your security comes with the idea of bolting the safe down, it’s a simple and easy thing to do.  Once you complete that easy step, this depository safe will be there to protect your belongings and give you the peace of mind!