Maintaining Your Pearl Earrings

If you’ve recently purchased some pearl earrings, it’s important that you consider ways in which to maintain those earrings so that they are sure to stay looking their best. For one, make sure to handle the earrings frequently. The oils from your hands will be absorbed by the pearls, and they will take on an even greater luster and sheen. And as a general rule, remove these earrings before showering. You never know, after all, how the pearls will react with certain shampoos or soaps.

Also, if you’ve purchased pearl dangle earrings, they can be very easy to lose. If that hook is ever snagged on your hair or a piece of clothing, it’s very easy for it to slip right out and be lost for good. That’s why you should always secure these earrings with a very small rubber stopper. These are especially designed to hold dangling earrings in place. They’re a ridiculously easy and cheap way to ensure your expensive and beloved earrings aren’t lost. And if you own pearls, you know what a sizeable investment they can be. When you are going to be wearing them, they’re best kept under locks in a jewelry safe.

Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale

For the month of September 2010 we are having a huge sale on Gun Safes.  Please find the Republic Gun Safes from Hollon Safe company.  A really great deal that includes shipping and no tax to most areas of the country.

The RG-16 is 59 inches tall and 22 inches wide.  Designed to be bolted to the foundation.  1 hour fireproof with heat seal that swells and keeps the gun safe interior protected from water and smoke.

Don’t delay on these because these are for a limited time until we reduce our inventory.

See the Republic Gun Safes and again this sale is only for this month. Sept 2010

Neighborhood Watch

Because of a recent rash of burglaries in our area, my block recently put up a neighborhood watch. It was resolved at a meeting that we should be able to help ourselves and not simply rely on the police to do the job for us. Instead of firearms, each night a couple of watchmen are equipped with their own stun batons to carry around the neighborhood. We all take turns on different days. We all still have our security systems, of course, and I keep all of my valuables safely stowed in my high-tech TL-30 safe.

Aside from keeping our neighborhood safe, I believe that this project has brought the members of our community closer to each other. Many friendships have been formed. There are other projects in the works too, such as a composting pile at a vacant lot in our street.

Fireproof Gun Safe model GS5940H

Diamond Back Gun Safe model GS5940H.   Is the largest in Diamond Back Gun Safe lineup.   It is made to the exacting standards of the companies owner, Keith Lavarnay.     Also,  a division of Cobalt Safes BUT nothing to do with the old company that produced “Cobalt Gun Safes”.   They went out of business years ago.   Before Cobalt Safes was born.   The “H” series standards for Gun Safes is top notch in the import line up of Gun Safes.

* 10 Gage Steel for body and door. Plus an added plate of steel within the door. PLUS, hardplate over the lock. Far exceeding CDOJ rating for firearm container.

* S&G group II lock with relocker and spyproof ring. Whats a spyproof ring?   Its so only the person dialing the combo can see the numbers being dialed.

*Huge ball bearing hinges to support the door when open and protect against breakin.

*1 Hour Fireproof Safe protection.

*Adjustable shelving for interior.   Can be used for guns or storage of a varity of objects.

* Multiple bolt down predrilled holes on floor.   For supperior theft protection.

*Massive, over 4 inchs, thick door with back up bolt assembly making it extremly difficult if not impossible to pry bar open.

*Predrilled plugged hole for addition of a dehumidifier to keep contents dry and mold free.

*Semi gloss black paint extended life finish that is easy to repair scratches.   Giving a lifetime of use and a good looking finish.

Now if you are like me. I like to compare products that are similar from other companies.  Hollon Safe company has a line called the “Republic”. Which almost the exact same safe regarding fireproof for 1 hour. Bolt size and steel thickness.  They do have a better lock set up than the Diamond Back. Plus they have a high gloss finish which is very nice to look at. The comparable model would be the RG-39 Gun Safe

It is important to read my other comments in this post regarding Diamond Back Gun Safes.   I try not to repeat myself too much.   So you will read other tidbits about Gun Safes on the other areas.