Hollon HS-610E


Most people are looking for a small safe with good fire protection.  This Hollon Two Hour  fireproof safe is a step up from a “starter” safe or what could be known as a one hour fireproof home safe.  This safe is a little bit larger than a home safe but is two hour fire rated and has thicker walls and a thicker door than a home safe.  This can be bolted down and comes with a shelf and a drawer for easy storage.  If you just have a few things you want to be kept safe and don’t think you will be growing substantially in the future, this Hollon HS-610E is the perfect safe for you.

Hollon HS-1200E


Hollon Safe company offers a wide range of safes, from wall safes to depository safes, to fireproof home and office safes.  They are made excellent and usually have a safe that is great for your needs.  This Hollon HS-1200E, two hour fireproof safe, is great for home use for storing a lot of items or ideal for an office setting wanting to keep records safe from fire.  It has a great drawers on the inside that is lockable to lock up certain items you want to be a bit more protected or not seen every time the safe is opened.

If you’re looking for a used safe check out the Scratch and Dent safes that are offered.  I know there are two of these models plus many more available that have very little paint chipping or dents and you can usually find them 10% off through Valuesafes.  These safes still come with a warranty as if it were a brand new safe.  Can’t really beat a deal of 10% off can you?  Give them a call – they would love to assist you!

Hollon HS-880E


Looking for a moderate size safe with good fireproof protection and good theft protection?  This Hollon HS-880E would be ideal for you.  It has a two hour fire protection and better protection against burglary than your normal home safe.  This safe has a triple layer door which makes it much harder to be pried open by a crow bar.  Also, this fireproof safe has bolts on the top and bottom of the door which gives you that extra sense of protection. This is the more popular size of the 2 hour fireproof safe as it gives some room to grow.

Keep Burglars at Bay

If you want to ensure that your homes or businesses are safe from undesirable elements, then you have to consider implementing smart surveillance procedures. Many homeowners and small business proprietors have turned to surveillance camera systems to secure their safety. A well-placed surveillance camera can oftentimes thwart petty criminals from trying their luck. And with the unfortunate necessity of hiring outside child care, a hidden camera inside the home can be very beneficial.  It allows you to review what went on while you were gone.

Of course, catching a culprit on film is little solace if they get away with your cache of valuables. To that end, installing a home security safe is an essential step in securing your abode. Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, personal documents like social security cards and passports can be more valuable to a criminal than your gemstones and precious metals.

Bolt Down Your Safe

One of the most common questions I hear is “Should I bolt down my safe?”, my immediate response is always yes.  It doesn’t matter where you live – if you are going to store something in your safe that you consider valuable – do it!  A safe is really just there to by time – if the safe can be carried out of your home how much time is it really going to by you? None!

You can go to your local hardware store and get the bolts needed to bolt it down – such as a red headed toggle bolt.  Don’t bolt your safe down with a short bolt that won’t go down into the concrete very far- this makes it far to easy to pick up and walk off with.   If you use some common sense with the purchase of your safe – you will be set.

I realize that there are times when a theft will happen even if the safe is bolted down.  If this is the case – you have done everything you could to prevent the safe from going missing.  Although unfortunate, you can at least tell yourself you did everything you could to prevent it from happening.

This article”15,000 reward offered in memorial-area armed robberies” is a great example.  The safe was not bolted down and was wheeled down the stairs with a dolly.  While they were in the home for an hour stealing items – it might have provided a better chance of the safe staying in the home had it been bolted down.

Hidden Safes

Hidden Safes

A very popular item is a hidden safe or diversion safe.  While they look pretty cool and we think how easy it would be to get away with hiding our precious items in them, I personally am not all for these types of safes.  While these might be great for small items or a very limited amount of valuables, they are not secure for large amounts or a high amount of value.  Thieves look on the internet for the most common places to look for valuable items and the best things to look for.  The internet provides a large amount of knowledge on anything you want to know – you just must search for it and read. These safes will be targeted by thieves and people will be devastated.

If you really want a safe to protect your items – do your research and buy a good safe that will protect your items.  Look for something that is fireproof as well as the security level that is needed for your items.  These diversion safes do not provide you fire protection and don’t allow you to hide large amount of items.  The most secure thing you can do is get a secure safe AND bolt it down.  I can’t stress enough of the fact that your safe must be bolted down.  While it is a proven fact that burglars don’t stay in your home very long – which means if your safe is bolted down properly, this will frustrate the burglars and they will move on.

RG-16 Gun Safe


Looking for a gun safe?  It takes a lot of research and work on your part to find a good gun safe that suits your needs.  Some of it relies on the information the manufacturer gives you and some of it relies on customer service and asking the right questions. This Hollon RG-16 Repulic Series gun safe is simply amazing.  I was very skeptical about these gun safes before I saw them.  I sure heard a lot of good stuff about them – but the amount of good information I hear about safes is always ongoing.  My jaw dropped when I saw these safes.  They are absolutely a beautiful safe.  They are made very well and they are very sturdy.  The tan interior goes very well with the black exterior and looks very sharp.


I would recommend this gun safe to anyone looking for a gun safe.  It has adjustable and removable shelving on the right hand side and gun racking on the left hand side with a shelf on top.  While this safe has an electronic lock it also has an override key which can not be duplicated – so breaking in via the key hole is a very hard thing to happen.  The overall steel gauge is 3 on the door and 9 on the body – how amazing!  You don’t find steel gauge this thick on most gun safes without paying a couple thousand dollars for these.

The TRTL-30×6 Safe

If you are in the market for a safe, chances are you don’t really know what to look for. Unlike many other products, most of us will only purchase one safe in a lifetime, so most people simply rely on industry professionals to glean information pertaining to their purchase. For those looking for a standard safe with well-balanced features, the TRTL-30×6 safe is your best bet. The abbreviation TRTL stands for “torch and tool resistant,” which is exactly what these safes are.

Numerous jewelers, financial institutions and other business utilize these safes to house there most valuable assets. All six sides of the safe are highly reinforced with concrete material and magnesium hardplates to withstand an attack or damage on any front. These safes are fireproof and feature a sleek façade, maintaining a professional appearance.

Hollon WS-1014E Wall Safe


Do you have a few small items you would like to keep safe and want to keep them hidden? A wall safe is your best bet then.  A wall safe gets its security from being hidden.  This is a smaller wall safe but perfect size to store a few jewelery items or small valuable items. Due to the smaller size of this safe, it is much easier to put a picture over or find some way to camouflage it.  The larger a wall safe is, the harder it is.  This Hollon WS-1014E wall safe is an excellent buy for someone looking to protect their valuables.

Hollon Hotel Safe HHS-715


Hotel safes are great in settings in which users are going to be changing on a frequent basis.  It’s a comforting feeling to be staying somewhere that supplies a safe to lock your  important belongings up when you have to be gone.  This could be a headache for the owners if it was a safe in which the code was not easily reset like this hotel safe is.  With this Hollon HHS-715 the guests check out, the hotel safe is wiped fresh and a new code can be set once a new guest checks in.