Drop Safes Help Prevent Theft

Drop Safes Help Prevent Theft

Your employees can be your biggest liability when it comes to a worrisome economy, low pay, or even personal desperation. No employer can control the factors that influence an employee to steal, and there’s no surefire way to determine which employees are higher risk.


But you can prevent the way they see and handle your money, with drop safes. Drop safes not only make it more difficult for employees to steal, but they send an unspoken message to your team that you don’t take business lightly, and that safety is important to you. An employee who sees security measures in place is less likely to plan a theft than one who watches operations flow by with no protection, and, seemingly, no emotional investment in whether or not a few dollars disappear.


Drop safes allow regular deposits to be put in the safe via a entry-only door. Deposits can be made by virtually anyone, but only someone with the combination can open the safe and remove the contents. For busy cash registers, this means your employees can regularly drop excess cash into the safe before it builds up to too-tempting proportions. Likewise, a register that is regularly emptied is less tempting to an outside thief.


The vast majority of thefts are done as inside jobs, or at the least, by thieves who make themselves familiar with the business before making their move. Drop safes provide an extra level of protection, and in all but the most extreme cases, the only level of protection you’ll need.


A small, one-time investment in a drop safe is infinitely more valuable to your business than an insurance policy that can only attempt to recreate what was lost. Why take the chance on theft in the first place? In some cases, having onsite safes can lower your insurance policy, saving you even more money in the long run. Check out the Drop Safe Sale

Protect Your Valuables from Fire

No matter how careful you think that you are, there is always the possibility of a fire in your home. Those important papers and all of the heirloom jewelry sitting out on desks and bureau tops will be gone in just moments, should your house ever succumb to a hire.

Average house fires peak at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll need to seek out a safe that can withstand such temperatures. Some, such as the Hollon 1 Hour Fireproof Safe, are created to last up to an hour, while others can withstand the heat for two hours or more.

Protection for Your Jewelry

If you have a large collection of jewelry or precious metals, then you have certainly already considered buying a home safe to keep them protected. There are many different types of safes that you can consider, but for large collections that have high monetary value, you should definitely not scrimp on the price or safety features of the safe. In fact, it is suggested that you accept no rating lower than a TL-15, which means that the safe will protect your valuables from safecracking tools for fifteen minutes. There are, of course, even stronger models, so choose according to the security that you need.

Rating Your Fire Proof Safe

If you are purchasing a fire proof safe, then you can rest assured that the safes from which you are choosing have been through rigorous testing and will stand up to the ratings that they pledge. It’s really just a matter of knowing what the ratings mean, so that you can be assured of the protection that is offered. The lowest rating is a UL ½-hour fire endurance test, which will protect your belongings for up to a half hour at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also find UL 1-hour and UL 2-hour endurance safes. You probably won’t need them in your home, but you can also find UL explosion hazard safes, and UL fire-impact safes.

Responsible Firearm Ownership

Whether or not you have children in your home, you should always keep your firearms locked up. Figuring out the best way to secure your firearm and the ammunition should be decided before that purchase of the handgun or rifle. Not only can these weapons pose a threat to young children in the house, but they can also fall into the wrong hands if your house is burglarized. You have a responsibility as a gun owner to keep your firearms secured from any hands that are not your own. Purchase a gun safe, such as a Winchester Ranger, and keep your firearms locked up any time they are not in use.

Safe Classifications Made Easy

You should be aware of the classification on any safe that you plan to purchase. The classification will tell you just how secure your new safe can be. The letters in the classification tell you what types of tools the safe is protected against. TL refers to hand tools, TRTL refers to hand tools and torches, and TXTL means that the safe is protected again hand tools, torches, and explosives. TL-15 indicates that it will take up to fifteen minutes to break in using hand tools, while a TRTL-30 will resist tools and torches for thirty minutes. The TXTL-60 is one of the highest classifications available.

Safe Videos

When people are looking to buy a safe, people really would prefer to be able to see it themselves, touch it, use the lock mechanism, etc. before they feel fully comfortable purchasing them.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible.  What’s the next best thing?  Talking on a phone?  Seeing pictures? How about watching a video on the safe?

A video, in my opinion, is the best idea yet.  A video shows you what pictures can’t.  You can see someone standing up by the safe or walking around it and you get a good idea of size by that.  This guy makes tons of videos about his safes and is very informative.  He explains the pros and cons of the safe and shows every part of the safe that you would be interested in, of course that is in my opinion.  You get to see the item how it is packed and looks before it ships to you.

 This video in particular  is shot at the warehouse and there is nothing staged about it.  You see other products behind the safe, you see the boxing and feet that come on the safe when it is shipped from over seas.  It is apparent these safes are good quality safes just by looking at the door with it open to see the thickness of the door.  If you want a more honest opinion about a safe, look for videos on the safe – it will show you a lot.

Security of Floor Safes

Not many home or business invaders are planning to spend more than a few minutes inside the target before getting out of Dodge. It is very likely that your wall or floor safe will go unnoticed by a thief. If he or she does notice the safe, the time it would take to enter the safe will discourage them from any attempt to remove the contents. Just by purchasing a LaGard FF-33 or a LaGard B2500, and making certain that you place any and all valuables inside, you could prevent the theft of your precious documents and jewelry. It’s definitely worth the investment.

Media Safes

Looking for a safe where you can store your media safely and not have to worry about it being destroyed in a fire?  A normal fire safe will not work to keep your data and media safe.  Unless you put a safe within a safe it is important and necessary to get a safe that is designed to offer the protection needed.  Although the item might not be physically harmed by the fire, the temperature that the safe can reach in a fire is high enough to erase the data stored on the devices, leaving you a useless object, thus reaching the importance of a media safe.

I was doing some searching the other day on some data and media safes and came across an excellent blog.  “Think ahead and purchase a media safe,” discusses the pros to having a media safe.  It also gives the information most people do not think about when creating just a single back up of all their important document.

Similar Doesn’t Mean “Same”

If you are seeking a safe for your home or business, then you have probably done a lot of research to find the best safe for the least amount of money. Don’t be fooled by the cheap safes out there, for they are little more than a glorified strongbox. You should also keep in mind that just because two safes are of similar size and style, that doesn’t mean they are the same. Hollon safes typically include more bolts in their safes than manufacturers of similar sizes and ratings. The keypads on Hollon safes are also more theft resistant, even if they appear to be similar to other brands.