The Benefits of Owning a Home Safe

It is a proven fact that crime rates rise during tough economic times. If you have never before considered owning a home safe, then now is the time to start thinking about it. Safes are much more effective that a simple lockbox, because the doors and locking mechanisms are created to keep thieves from cracking them for up to thirty minutes. No home invader wants to hang around that long, no matter what he or she thinks might be inside. Other benefits of owning a safe include keeping important documents safe from fire, and keeping children away from dangerous weapons. There’s no question, really. Buy a safe.

Safes Are Prepared for the Future

We live in an entirely new age of technology, with hard drives and USB drives replacing paper documents. These newest forms of data storage may be high tech, but they’re also incredibly sensitive to heat and humidity, as well as dust. Magnetic fields of any kind could ensure that all of your information is lost in just moments. By purchasing a media safe, such as the FireKing DS1817, you can protect your data from any of the usual, and even the unusual, damages that can occur. They’re not terribly expensive, but even if they were, wouldn’t it be worth it to keep your information safe?

Not All Safes Are Created Equally

If you decide to purchase a safe to protect the valuables in your home, then you should be prepared to research the different types very carefully. Not all safes are created equally. Keep in mind that a house fire will burn at temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit! If you purchase a safe that is not meant to keep valuables protected from high temperatures for an extended period of time, then you could be spending your money on a plain lockbox. Be sure that you purchase a fireproof safe, such as the Hollon HS-320-E, and you will know that you documents are safe from almost any possibility.

Certified Safe – is that good enough to protect your valueables?

We all think that when we get a safe that says it is certified against fire and/or theft we have a great safe right?  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  I have run across many safes such as Sentry and First Alert models that say they are fireproof and burglar proof when they really aren’t.  If a safe is plastic on the outside, how do you expect it to stand up against a fire?  Common sense says it won’t.  Follow your gut instinct when purchasing a safe.  If you feel like it is a bad idea don’t get it.

Do your research!  I have went to Youtube many times and have seen lots of videos of safes getting broken into with no problems.  Just to see how easy it was to get into makes me cringe!  Check different blogs, reviews, videos, anything you can get your hands on.  A more informed person is much better than a non-informed person.

Why Choose a Biometric Safe?

A biometric safe will open with just the touch of a finger, so long as it is the right finger. Each safe contains a fingerprint scanner, which means that the ability to open the safe cannot be easily transferred by code, key, or card. Whoever holds the authorization will scan their finger, and the print is then turned into a mathematical algorithm. The safe or vault will then refuse to unlock for any other fingerprint.

There are several different brands that you can consider, so research them all carefully before purchase. One of the most popular for home use is the HZ-34.

Gun Safes with Concealed Hinges

When we look at a safe we try to think of the weak points in a safe and figure whether it is worth our money.  Instant common sense tells us that concealed hinges are a safe bet and don’t think about the cons that this poses.  If you think about the structure of the safe, as the door closes there has to be room for the hinges to fold back into as the door closes.

This is very commonly the place in which many manufacturers don’t put any fireproofing.  My father in law has  Liberty Centurion Gun Safe with the concealed hinges.  I was doing some checking on the safe and found what I was afraid of, that he had no fireproofing on that side of the safe.  This little bit of area makes the entire safe non fireproof and a waste of money if you needed it for the fire protection.  I was looking at Lowes the other day also, and found the same safe, but a newer model, with the same problem.  The thin steel that the safe is made out of is easily penetrated into the area in which the hinges are located, which also makes it fairly easy to break into.Think twice about buying a gun safe with concealed hinges – they aren’t as safe as one might think!

ATM Safes

I ran across an article talking about ATM safes.  Many robbers think that these safes are easy to break into – they are made out of plastic.  On the contrary, these are very strong safes.  Many attempts have been made to break into these through many different means, the most popular dynamite.  Even I thought that dynamite would penetrate one of these safes.  Well, a criminal in Germany tried to blow up the ATM and in turn blew up half of the bank instead.  The one thing that survived the explosion was the ATM.  Think again criminals.  To anyone out there thinking about breaking into a safe – you really should give the safe the benefit of the doubt before you blow up the building, or worse, yourself.

Not All Safes are Equal

Something that you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for a home safe is that not all safes are created equally. For instance, a safe that is rated to keep your belongings protected from fires that reach over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit may also allow a thief to pick it right up and carry it out of the house. Conversely, a safe that is intended to deter thieves is not usually constructed to protect the contents from high temperatures. A good, inexpensive compromise is a safe such as one from Hollon. These fire safes can also be bolted to the ground, which will definitely deter thieves.

Programing Eletronic Keypad for Safes

There is a great video on how to program an electronic keypad on one of the Hollon Safe fire and burglary safes.  I found it on and it is short but covers the basics.  Take a quick peak at it. But note that this programing is only for the Hollon Safe Fire & Burglary keypad or the FB series. Video Be sure it looks like the keypad on the safe below.  If there is another keypad electronic lock you need help with I will do my best to get on here soon.


Protect Your Company’s Cash Reserves

Many companies that employ a fairly large number of employees will invest in a drop safe, such as the Protex FDD3020. These safes are meant to keep small deposits of cash safe throughout an entire shift, and away from the hands of the employees. They have excellent security measures in place, such as penalties for the wrong combination, and spring loaded re-locking mechanisms. Several models even have “shark teeth” near the depository to keep thieves from fishing the money out with their hands or an instrument. Never again will you experience a shortage in your deposit for the day.