I haven’t written about Safes in awhile and I wanted to let you know I will be picking it back up again. Be sure to call about any scratch and dent safes or used safes. It seems we always go through waves of them and right now we have a quite a few safes that I can send pictures of and make someone a great deal on a safe.

Drop Safes, I have two models on close out. The FD-3220D is a really good deal on such a large drop safe.  Good storage especially for a large civic group. I only have eight left and those will go quickly…I think. 

Safes are on the rise in sales across the country right now and we are doing our best to stay in stock. Keep checking back for more “Safe” information!

High Security Burglary Safes vs. Fire and Burglary Safes or Fire Safes

Hollon HS-510E

What safe is the best?  That’s a question I hear a lot from customers and it’s hard to generate an answer to that question as it varies based upon need.  Theoretically, TRTL 30×6 safes are the best safe out there in my opinion, but generally none of us really need something that secure.  Sometimes we feel more secure with our belongings when they are in the “most” secure safe.  However, sometimes it really isn’t practical for each persons needs.

On a general basis, if you are using the safe to store paperwork and documents, the best type of safe to get is a one to two our fireproof safe, such as the Hollon Fireproof Home Safes.  Time depends upon where you live, your local fire department, and the make if your home.  If you live out in the country you can bet you are going to need a two hour fireproof rating – or it would be the best for you in my opinion.

Now, when you start storing a little bit of cash or items of value the security of your safe and importance starts to grow.  Fire and Burglary rated safes are the best place to start and they offer more security than a home safe such as the Hollon Fire and Burglary safes offer a glass re-locker and a re-locking bar that locks behinds the hinges to prevent access into the safe.

As your possessions grow and you start accumulating at or around $50,000 worth of valuable, cash, etc. you’ll want to jump up to the next level of security, the TL-15 safes and TL-30 safes. These offer a UL rating of 15 and 30 minutes of tool time attacks as well as a 90 minute fire proof rating.  These are common for both residential and business use!

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Two Hour Fire & Burglary Hollon FB-685E Safe

Two Hour Fire & Burlary Hollon FB-685E Safe

This Hollon Fire & Burglary Safe, the FB-685E, is top of the line, in my opinion, for a 2 hour fire proof home safe.  It is made of a composite mixture material that makes the safe harder to break into and provides a better fire protection than some of your other materials in other safes, such as Sentry.  The re-locker   on this safe provides you an extra layer of protection in case you have a burglar come in and start beating on it with a hammer.  The best thing about this safe other than the quality is the price.  I couldn’t ask for a better price and expect to get something as good.  The best part yet, it is on sale which gives you that much more of a reason to give in to your desire for this fire safe.  You won’t be disappointed.

Drop Safe model HDS-2014K from Hollon Safe

Hollon HDS-2014K

This is a fantastic drop safe for a small business looking for additional security and peace of mind.   The HDS-2014K safe can be bolted down to make it much harder for it to “walk away.” From experience, it allows me to sleep a little bit better knowing I have the added security of a great safe and the fact it is bolted down!  The key lock adds accountability as both keys are required to be present when the safe is opened.  This is not a safe that you can stick a hanger or any other object down the chute and get money out.  Hollon’s HDS-2014k has an anti-fish baffle that will stop anyone from doing it in their tracks.  If you are pondering the idea of whether or not to purchase this depository safe for your small business, take the leap and you will be happy with it.

Put All Your Guns in One Place

gun safes

Owning a gun is a major responsibility, and as such, it is imperative to lock your firearms properly. There are several options for securing your guns, but gun safes are arguably the most reliable. You can find everything from small single capacity units to 41-gun capacity safes. Once you have decided on the capacity for your safe, it is important to do some research into what specifications you’ll need.

The locking mechanism is arguably the most important aspect to consider; an electronic digital lock is standard in some models and optional in others. Models are also available with heat activated door seals and dehumidifier access holes. Fireproofing should be another top priority; some have a 30-minute fire protection and some have 1-hour of fire protection at 1250?F.