New Winchester Gun Safes Models

New Winchester Gun Safe Models for 2010

This just in, Winchester Gun Safes models new for 2010. Winchester as you know is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Some of the new features I want to point out on these safes are…. First Winchester has increased the fire rating temps on all its models. Plus all but the Ranger series has “4 way bolt action”. Before I go to far I should point out what that means to you and me.  Lets take a look at the door opening in the picture on the details page.  Other manufacturers put the bolts on the hinge side that are fixed or welded into spot or, as with the case of internal hinges, there are none.  However with Winchester series they have gone to the added  expense of having more secure bolt work where the hinge side, top side, bottom side, and opening side all move. Just like on a jewelry vaults. Another important feature to point out is they increased the quality of the fire resistant material. Please note the external tempature has gone from a good rating of 1200 degrees to 1400 degrees. The 4 new models are…(hear the drum roll)…. The Supreme, Silverado, Western, and Ranger gun safes.

Winchester Supreme Gun Safe is first in the rankings. It is rated for 2 hour fireproof with 20, 2 inch thick bolts.  That’s amazing, its positively top of the line in quality, integrity, and strength. I’m so impressed with it that I  give it a solid 10 rating on my “Cool” scale.  Now with pistol pockets and 4 way bolt action as standard on this model.

The Winchester Siverado Gun Safes have replaced the Legacy series. This series is rated for 1 1/2 hour fireproof and has 1 1/2 inch thick bolts. It also comes  the 4 way bolt action like jewelry vault as a standard feature. But to go further,  they made the door thicker. Its huge at almost 6 inches thick! Thats alot gun safe for this kinda money.

Winchester Western Gun Safes series are rated for 1 hour fireproof and use 1.25 inch thick bolt (are you getting the impression that while other manufactures are going cheaper quality and price, Winchester is going up in quality but not in price?) Very impressive gun safe. Solid built with top of the line steel and of course UL listed lock just like on the best models.  Again with the 4 way action bolt work.  Other companies are going to have to step up their game to compete on this level.

Winchester Ranger Gun Safes
is the entry level gun safe. But don’t get this safe confused with anything sold in a big box retailer. For an entry level gun safe this is one of the best. Its not cheap or flimsy. Very well made 45 minute fireproof and excellant bolt work. Though this model only have 2 way action bolts, it locks solid and is a very good deal for the money. (note that most models in this price range only have moving bolts on the door opening side and fixed on the hinge side…this is another impressive upgrade from Winchester).  I also want to point out something small and that is the quality of the liner or carpet on the inside.  Normally gun safes in this catagory cheap out and use what we call “mouse fur” for the liner. Which is really cheap crap.  But not Winchester.  The are still using a very high quality upgraded material even on this entry level model.

Overall Winchester Gun Safes are changing the way the industry is looking at gun safes.  Bringing quality, workmanship, and a better product to the gun collector.  All this for extremely reasonable prices.  I hope this helps in your search for gun safes. Check out our prices here Winchester Gun Safes.

TRTL-30×6 Jewelry Safes

TRTL-30×6 Jewelry Safes are at the top of the ladder of commercial safes.    Lets start with what it means. First it is a label from UL or Underwriters Labratory.    So if you see any TRTL-30×6 you know its been tested and certified for what it is.

The TRTL stands for ToRch and TooL resistant. 30×6 means for 30 minutes of tool time burning or spinning on each side of the safe.    That is more impressive than it sounds. Because the average blow torch really isn’t going to do much damage on the safe. UL will use what is called a “Lance” which is like a blow torch on Mega steroids and a complete asbestos suit must be worn during its use.    Because the user will be submerged in a cloud of sparks and smoke the likes that no blow torch can through off.

It is also important to point out that even though it says 30 minutes of tool time or burn time.    The actual amount of time it would take to do this test is hours!    Because they are using a stop watch during the test, they will start and stop the watch several times and allow the metal to cool before they can put plastic cameras in the hole to scope the lock or see where they are inside the safe.

TRTL-30×6 safes are normally not found in homes and are designed mainly for banks and very high end jewelry stores. Don’t get me wrong we have sold these to individuals for home use and we set them in their garage.    Virtually turning them into a bank.

The TRTL-30×6 is very much over kill for most situations unless your insurance company has told you that is what you need.    We do get many people calling wanting this ultimate in maximum security safes and most times I try to discourage or at least tell them to talk with their insurance company before they buy one.

New TRTL-30×6 safes can run as much as $30,000.    Which is why we don’t carry any new models in stock. However, we do have refurbished models that start around $5000 and that includes shipping.

Hollon Depository Safes Now Available

Hollon Depository Safes are now available on our site.  Models HDS-01K, HDS-2014K, HDS-2014E, FD-3020E, and FD-3020ck.  The folks at Hollon Safe have done a great job on these models.  Very solid structural integrity and reading to take a beating from any would be thief!  All models are designed to be bolted to the ground or any available surface.  The HDS-01K can also be wall mounted. (Just make sure you have some substance to screw into besides sheet rock…at over 40 lbs is will pull itself out of the sheet rock).  We have also decided to make these our featured drop safes on our site this month and you will find some very affordable prices going on now.