Drop Safes – Useful for securing small items during the day

Drop Safes

If your business handles lots of cash, or small, valuable items like jewelry or coins, then a drop safe could prove quite useful.  A drop safe allows you (or your employees) to deposit items into the safe without opening it.   This allows you to keep items safe in case the store is robbed during the day.  It’s best to move the items to a more secure safe at night, however, as drop safes are not burglar proof.

A drop safe usually has a slot in it or a rotary hopper (like on a mailbox).  These openings have baffles attached to them to keep someone from “fishing” the contents back out through the opening.  It’s best to insert items into an envelope before placing them in the drop safe.  If your business handles a lot of cash, it’s a good idea to have your employees deposit any large amounts periodically throughout the day, so there’s never very much cash exposed at one time.  For more information on drop safes.

Get a drop safe to store large bills and cash

If you run a retail business, you could lower the risk of being robbed of your cash during business hours by using a drop safe.  A drop safe is designed to accept deposits of small items like cash or jewelry without opening the safe.  If the cashier working in your store doesn’t have the combination to the drop safe, then any deposits made during the day are safe from would-be robbers.

If you have your employees deposit their extra cash at periods throughout the day, there will never be more than a certain amount in the cash register.  And you can have them immediately deposit any large bills that come in.  Drop safes are made in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that suits your business to a “t”.  For more information on the drop safe.

A fire proof safe can save you countless money and time

Fire Proof Safe

Think about all of the documents that you have lying around in a desk drawer or filing cabinet at your home or business.   What would it take to replace them?  A lot of time and money, for one.  In addition, some are probably irreplaceable.  What about those pictures of your family when you were young?  Well, a fire proof safe can help you make sure these documents will never be destroyed.  Not all safes are fire proof — be sure and check the rating on the safe to make sure.

Example fireproof ratings are 1-hour fireproof and 2-hour fireproof.  A 1-hour fireproof rating means that the safe has been subjected to actual fire conditions for a period of 1 hour, and the temperature inside the safe did not get hot enough to damage the contents.  In addition, the safe was tested to make certain that none of the water used to put out the fire made it inside the safe — a rated fire proof safe will protect the contents from damage due to both fire and water.  For more information on the fire proof safe.

Wall safes get most of their security from being hidden

Wall Safes

It’s important to remember that most wall safes are not as ruggedly constructed as free-standing safes.  They can’t use the thicker materials because they have to fit in the space between walls and studs.  So most of their security comes from being well-hidden.  Behind something against the wall in the back of closet is a good location.   Also, rather than mounting the wall safe to studs in the wall, you might consider having it concreted in place.

Another fact to keep in mind about wall safes is they are not made using fireproof construction – if you added the extra insulation necessary to make a wall safe fireproof, there wouldn’t be much room left to store anything.  As long as you keep these facts in mind, wall safes can be an effective deterrent against burglars.  For more information on wall safes.