What to look for in a fireproof home safe

Fireproof Home Safe

You want to make certain that a fireproof home safe really would protect your valuable documents in the event of a fire.  Here are a few things to look for to make sure.  First, the safe should carry a fireproof rating.  Ratings are typically given in hours, such as a 1-hour fireproof rating.  This means that the safe has undergone a certain test – it was subjected to an actual 1700 degree F fire for a period of 1 hour, and the temperature inside the safe never got above 350 degrees F.  This is a low enough temperature to prevent permanent damage to documents and other valuables.

To make sure the rating is valid, examine the safe.  You should see extra thickness in the door and walls due to the fireproof insulating material, and their should be a special seal around the door that expands when it gets hot – this keeps the water used to put out the fire from getting inside the safe.  Finally, you might also want to consider getting a fireproof home safe that has a burglary rating as well.  Then you can rest assured that your valuables are safe from fire and burglars as well.