A drop safe can save your business from losing money during a robbery

A drop safe is designed to allow cash, small objects and enevelopes to be deposited into it without opening the safe.  If your business handles a lot of cash or other valuables that you don’t need access to during the day, a drop safe could save them from being taken during a robbery.  If you deal with cash, deposit large amounts periodically throughout the day so that the cash register doesn’t contain all of your money.  If a robbery takes place, tell the robber you don’t have the combination to the safe or instruct your employees to do this.   The robber has no choice but to settle for what’s in the cash register.

Drop safes are designed for easy deposits, and they have baffles inside so that the contents can’t be “fished” out with a wire or some other mechanism.  But they are not as secure as a regular safe, so you should move your cash to a burglar proof safe or the bank at night.  Drop safes are available in a number of different styles – some have a slot on the top, some have a “hopper” you open (like a corner mailbox), and some have a rotating drum on top.  The slotted types are best for cash.  If you need to store larger items, the hopper type is best.  So why not add some extra security for your business buy using a drop safe?  For more information on the drop safe.

Protecting your valuables with a fire proof safe

Fire Proof Safe

Have you ever thought about what it would take to replace some of the valuable documents that you keep in your home or business?  What would happen if you had a fire?  Stock certificates, wills, business records, valuable computer backup media – all of these things could cost you money and time to replace.   A fire proof safe can ensure that if you ever do have a fire situation, these items would survive.  For a safe to be fire proof it must be rated.  Ratings are usually given as a number of hours.

For example, a fire proof safe with a rating of 1 hour has been tested under actual fire conditions at a temperature of 1700 degrees F.  In order to pass the test, the temperature on the inside of the safe did not rise above 350 degrees F.  In addition, the humidity did not rise above 80%.  This is to protect the contents from the harmful efffects of the water used to put out the fire.  Both of these numbers are low enough to ensure that there is no permanent damage to your valuables.  A special media fire proof safe is required to protect computer backup media – they keep the temperature and humidity to an even lower value.  For more information on the fire proof safe.