You Never KnowWhen A Burglar Will Invade Your Home


Your jewelry and other valuable collections need ultimate protection from theft and fire. Choose jewelry safes that have these features:~fireproof aspect and lifetime fire warranty
~massive solid steel locking bolts
~extra thick wall and doors
~reinforced jambs and burglary resistant concealed hinges
~can be bolted down to almost any surface and has pre-drilled anchor holes/mounting kit

These Safes Are Safer

It is a sad fact that there are business owners and managers who wait until they are robbed before investing in a safe. Don’t let yourself be one of those who had to learn the hard way. Drop safes are ideal for any business as they will help protect your money and your employees.

Drop safes found at Value Safes are all B-rated and come with drill resistant hard plates. They also have sharpened anti-fish baffles that serve as maximum security to keep cash from thieves who might try to “fish out” your money using a coat hanger or screw driver. Get the peace of mind you need for maximum theft prevention for your business.

Diamond Back Gun Safes update.

Diamond Back Gun Safes Heavy Sales Volume.

Many people are trying to purchase a Diamond Back Gun Safe but have found them sold out since late Oct 2008.  Due to the financial crises and surge in gun purchases everyone is waiting for the factory to get a shipment from overseas.  Its a mixed blessing for Diamond Back Gun Safes Inc.  Nice to sold out of Christmas inventory before November but they have sure could have sold hundreds more had they been in stock. 

Its also nice to see a company producing an excellant gun safe with a great value.  This alone gets customers coming to gun safe showrooms around the country.  Only to find empty showrooms.  But they are on the way and should be back in stock at the factory at the end of January.  Shipping out to showrooms around the country. 

If you want one sent direct from the Diamond Back Gun Safes get on the waiting list NOW!  Follow here Diamond Back Gun Safe or call 877-629-6214.  They will take your name and number and call you when its at the factory so you can give your credit card to have one sent direct to your home.

Mutual Gun Safes MS-5922

Mutual Gun Safes model MS-5922

Lets start by looking at the fireproof material used on the MS-5922 gun safe.  The use of a sheetrock fireboard material and the U.L. approved heat activated door seal provide enough protection to protect from fires. The Mutual Gun Safe is lab tested in a oven chamber at 1760 degrees degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.  While staying at or below 350 internal.  Lots of people ask me “Why 350 degrees?” because just above that tempature paper starts to char and can flash fire at 400 degrees.  So this is very good protection from a house fire.

The Mutual Gun Safe is also equipped with a full arsenal of anti-burglary features.

1.The locking bolts are a massive one inch in diameter.

2.There are at least three dead bolts facing the hinge side, one active bolt at the top, and at least five active bolts along the closing side.

3. The lock is protected from punch-out attempts by a Manganese (HRC 60 hardness) hardplate.

4. The LaGard Dial Lock is a Group II lock and has a spring-loaded relocker. (LaGard is an American lock maker, excellant reputation)

5. There are two bolt-down holes predrilled at the bottom of the safe that accommodate standard 1/2″ bolts to keep the safe where it is meant to stay.

5. 10 Gauge steel which is the largest size used just before you increase to plating.  Many popular gun safe brands you see around are actually a thinner guage of steel such as 14 or 16….larger number means thiner steel. Many of these safes use a 1 inch bolt on their safe too but because the steel is thinner the wall of the safe expands when it gets crowbar attacked.  I personally suggest not to get anything thinner than a 10 guage steel.

These features make the Mutual Gun Safe MS-5922 an excellant choice for a gun safe.  To get a better look see MS-5922.

LaGard Audit Locks and Software Compatibility

LaGard Audit Lock and its Compatability.

LaGard Audit locks have been around for many years now and have become one of the most reliable locks used in tracking events at a safe.  It does take a computer to download the information to the lock.  Which is not a problem until recently.   With the new introduction of Windows Vista however, things have changed.  And the software that is loaded on the computer is not compatible with Windows Vista.  It is compatible with EVERYTHING else in the industry.

The AuditGard is a multi-user electronic combination lock that provides superior access control. The lock can be programmed with a Controller, a Manager and eight Users. The AuditGard has a 512 event audit with time and date stamp. Other programmable features include Dual Token (eKey or eKey II), Dual Combination, Time Delay, Time Delay Override (User 9), Silent Alarm, and Remote Signal Override to disable the lock. The AuditGard electronic lock series was designed to increase accountability in the commercial safe market.

The Windowsâ„¢ based LG-Audit Setup Software has a user-friendly interface, which allows the lock to be configured directly from a PC. Software features include the ability to vary combination lengths, user activation, lock mode selection, external signal mode selection (used with the 2789 and 4002 alarm boxes) and the setting of time delay values. The LG-View Auditing Software is an essential tool for loss prevention, featuring a searchable audit trail with time and date stamp which provides knowledge of who accessed the lock and when.
If you need more information or would like to talk with us regarding your personal situation.  Feel free to call one of our American Technicians. I would be happy to talk with you further. 877-629-6214

Tidel TACC V Depository Safe, Your new employee.

Tidel TACC V depository safe from Tidel Safes. 

Don’t think of purchasing a safe when you look at the Tidel TACC V or the TACC 5 as some people like to call it.  Instead, think of it has hiring an employee that never needs a break or a raise. Excellant cash management safe. 

I say that because when you get a TACC V you get a machine that becomes the accountant/banker for the store.  No money goes out of the TACC V without money being deposited AND varified.  This unit will also tell you “who” has been doing what. Making withdrawals, deposits, and requests. You even get a printed report when ever you need one so that it can be used to cross refrence the register. 

So now you are doing more than stopping external theft but are concentrating on the internal theft of the business. Each Tacc 5 comes with:

  • State-of-the-Art Xscale Processor
  • Windows CE Operating System
  • Multiple User Tracking Via PIN Based Touchscreen Interface
  • Stores up to 48,000 Transactions in Non-Volatile Memory
  • Language Interface Tailored for Each User
    (English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch Currently Available)
  • System Upgrades Made Easy Through Compact Flash Module
  • Provides a Comprehensive Array of Reports and Summaries
    to Track Employee Usage
  • Keyless Vault Doors
  • 1/4 Inch Powder Coated Steel Plate Body and Door
  • Dual Anti-Fish Drop Chutes to the Storage Vault
  • RoHS Lead-Free Compliant
  • High-Capacity Bill Acceptor Validates, Counts and Tracks Notes by User
  • To get pricing on the Tidel Safes model TACC V

    Update on Fire Fyter Safes

    I’m sorry to say this, Fire Fyter Safes has stopped production all together.  They are no longer looking for an over seas manufacturer.  But instead are looking to sell off production to someone else here in the USA.

    So far there has been no buyers.  They are telling us that they have several intrested parties.  I’m sure the financial crises we are in here in the USA may put a damper on the purchase or sale of Fire Fyter Safes.  But as of today, all production of safes has stopped and will not resume unless they sell the business. 

    The main corporation Center Manufacturing is still alive and strong.  All warrenties are still in effect and they are going to focus on specialized production of hard to get parts. 

    In the mean time if you are looking a for Safes check out the site.  Safes

    It’s Time to Buy Safes

    In many parts of the country.  Burglary is now on the rise, the popularity of safes has been increasing day by day. Due to this, safes are now available in many places making them easier to buy today.  However, most cities, even large ones, don’t carry but 5-10 safes in the store.  Many people are turning to purchasing safes online.  This gives them a huge selection and great prices. Shopping for Safes online. It is very important to keep in mind certain things when ordering your safe. First of all, make sure that the retailer you have chosen is reliable and professional.  A  knowledgeable professional can best advise the type of safe that is needed for the individual security needs. This person will match the best suited safe  based on your needs and can help you select one that matches your budget. 

    I know many people look at safes and say “Its just a metal box”.  But make sure that you keep in mind what exactly you would want your safe to protect. There are different types of safes available for protecting valuable jewelery, important documents, computer media etc. These safes also have different ratings depending on how long an expert burglar would take to break it open. The longer it takes, the higher the ratings and the better the safe would be for you.  But that doesn’t mean everyone needs a high end expensive safe. 

    Size is a very important consideration.  Determining the size of your safe before purchasing it is also very important. This will help you pre-determine the place in which you would want to place your safe depending on its size.  Also….how are you going to get it into the house!  There are still a several choices from White glove delivery to local moving companies.  Personally I have found calling a local moving company very affordable and easy.  Normally around $100 but it depends on the size and where it needs to go. 

    I suggest my friends at Value Safes for a good selection and helpfull advice.  See their Selection of Safes here.

    Tidel TACC III Depository Safe

     Tidel TACC III cash management safe. Also know as a depository safe.  This model is the next one up from the Tidel Tacc II a.  For those that want a little more control of the money.  Tidel Safes have been made famous because of their relationship with 7-11 convience stores.  Many of the orginal models from the eighties are still in use today.  You can’t say that about other computer based anything!  Tidel tells me that over 80% of convience stores use one of their TACC models today.

    The TACC III combines the TACC IIa platform with expanded audit trail and reporting through an all new PIN based tracking system.

    The touchscreen interface allows managers and clerks to quickly record deposits and make change while keeping an accurate count on each days transactions. Making close out at the end of the day much faster.

    Customizeable reports allow for detailed tracking of cash amounts vended, drops, cash in system, and more.

    This proven TACC platform, built on the power of the Windows CE Operating System, will allow your business better cash security, streamlined reporting and time saved during closeouts.

    Robbery Deterrent
    Internal Shrink Controls
    Retail Cash Control
    Safe Receipt Storage
    Cash Dispensing
    Replenish Cash for Register
    12 Months Parts and 90 Days Labor (USA/Canada)

    Power Requirements: 110V AC or 220V 50 cycle.Power Connections:
    Unit must be connected to a dedicated power circuit consisting of “line”, “neutral” and “ground” leads or connected to the optional Tidel surge protector.

    • State-of-the-Art Xscale Processor
    • Windows CE Operating System
    • Multiple User Tracking Via PIN Based Touchscreen Interface
    • Stores up to 48,000 Transactions in Non-Volatile Memory
    • Language Interface Tailored for Each User
      (English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch Currently Available)
    • System Upgrades Made Easy Through Compact Flash Module
    • Provides a Comprehensive Array of Reports and Summaries
      to Track Employee Usage
    • Keyless Vault Doors
    • 1/4 Inch Powder Coated Steel Plate Body and Door
    • Dual Anti-Fish Drop Chutes to the Storage Vault
    • RoHS Lead-Free Compliant
      Go here for more information on the TACC III cash management safe.

    Cobalt Safes SB-06c Review

    Lets talk about the SB-06c from Cobalt Safes. Fireproof Safe. Burglary Safe.   One of the largest in this section!  Cobalt Safes model  SB-06c Fireproof Safe with Burglary  Safe.    Has a  lifetime fire warrenty  and a 5 year  warrenty against manufactures defects in labor and materials.   This is an  extremely good warrenty in that most manufactures will cover similar but Cobalt Safes goes the extra mile and sends a locksmith to your location to repair.   Most manufactures are also only 1 year in coverage. With that being said. Keypads are an upgrade and are only warrentied for 1 year. (for more information on keypads vs dials see my article… Keypads vs Dials.

    Back to the SB-06c.   First take a look at the door, you will see that it is open. There are two major parts,   an outer  door and then a bolt assembly behind it.   This  gives  it a solid  5 inch thick door on the    Cobalt Safe SB-06c.      Take into consideration that when   the average thief breaking into the average home.   He is coming into the house with empty hands and wants to leave with them full.   Chances of him bringing tools such as a   crowbar or sledge hammers are not the norm.   If he does find the safe he will most likely be too unprepared to even beat on it and will quickly move to everything else we leave available in our homes that is easy to pocket and easy to pawn.   For most of us its a pretty big list.

    Lets pretend we left a crow bar and sledge hammer next to  our safe  and a small sticky note that says  €œbeat me € on the safe.   The SB-06c fireproof safe  is going to hold up.   The outer steel wall, which is an extreme thickness of about 1/8 inch steel is reinforced by a cement based fireproof wall with another steel wall on the interior.   This makes for excellant strength against common tools.

    The 5 inch thick door is also too thick to get a crow bar down deep enough to actually gain enough purchase to even begin to start using a crow bar on the door.   So in my opinion the SB-06c Fire Safe is one of the best buys on the market today.

    Combine this with a 2 hour fireproof    and a center bolt down (so the safe can’t picked up and carried away) for a sturdy little fortress of protection.   Not that someone is going to carry away a 1000 lbs safe!

    I also like the size.   Though it may be too large for most home situations it does offer good room to grow into.   The last thing most of want to do is purchase two safes.   I often advise to purchase 1 during your life.   But make it something you can grow into because this safe is designed to last a lifetime.   Last little note, as we get older, people hate to bend down or squat down. This model is excellent to stand in front of an open without having to bend over.