Cobalt Safe SS-031D Fireproof Safe

Cobalt Safe model SS-031D. Is the most  popular in the line up of Fireproof Home Safes.  Its also the largest.  Why is it so popular? I’m not 100% sure.  But the comments I get on it range from “Most size for money”, “Pull out drawer and adjustable shelf”, “Its big but its not too cumbersome”.

I will say this, the picture is a fairly acurate picture of the safe except you can’t see the black pull out tray that is also included.  You can see the adjustable shelf with the door open.  You also get a good view of the bolts on the door opening side.  However, there are also fixed bolts on the hinge side to add support and strength against crow bar attacks.  Though its primary purpose is not strength against burglary but it is strength against fire!  A solid 1 hour fire rating. 

The Cobalt Safe SS-031D is steel lined hole in the bottom of the safe to bolt down to your foundation to keep the safe from being carried off.  It is important to note that when you buy a safe you are buying “Time” time against fire and time against theft.  If you live in a high crime area and you want to keep 50k of cash and jewelry in this safe, then this is not the safe for you.  This safe is made it hold important papers, some cash, some jewelry, a pistol or other medium size items.  It will hold up against a prybar attack in that it would be classified as “resistant” but not for an extended period.  You will notice I like to “under sell” most safes.  Which means I’m not going to push a safe like some kind of late night infomercial selling Ginsu Chopping Knives!  But hopefully give you as realistic picture of the safe and its intended purpose. 

That being said this is an excellant Fire safe to protect against fire and protect against “light” theft or sticky fingers as I like to say. Go here to see a model SS-031D or the rest of the fireproof home safes.

Electronic fire safe

Electronic fire safe has the great selection of safes to choose from. Electronic fire safe is the great ideal for home or offices use it protects your important valuables. There are many verities in electronic fire safe; it also gives the protection from fire and water, Electronic fire safe is the perfect combination of fire protection for home or office. Electronic fire safe has the electrical and communication records which are configured within the insulation and walls this is to ensure no fire reaches inside.Electronic fire safe is capable to withstand fire and to carry electronic data connection and data records, because the electronic storage device should have to be in connection with a main database and a power supply. An electronic fire safe gives the great protection against fire. It has the electronic data storage protection device which provides you with all-time data storage backup and protection. Electronic fire safe includes the fireproof to enclosure having an openable and closeable door which can be opened only after the device is exposed to a fire. Electronic fire safe has the sufficient size to store the electronic data such as a Zip drive or CD-ROM storage device.

Cobalt Electronic safes

Cobalt Electronic safes are the great self defense product is electronic gun safe, electronic gun safe is the best for any office or home to keeping your guns or valuables secure. The electronic gun safe locks the mechanism and impervious to picking, manipulations, shock, plug pulling, sawing and dropping to keep yourself and your family safe by properly securing your firearms. Electronic safes gives peace of mind in large selection of electronic keyless locks, garage door remotes, and safes of all types provide home and business owners with secure storage. Electronic safes also provide you with great hospitality security. Electronics appliances are become a part of your life like TV, DVD’s etc , so why not go head with electronic safes which will provide you and your family a great way of security in digital way. Electronic safes are many like electronic gun safe, wireless driveway alarm, fireproof electronic safe and many more.

Cannon gun safes

Cannon gun safes also protects from leading fire protection technology for keeping your valuables safe even in the case of a fire. Cannon gun safes give you many options of accessories for safes security and space. Some of the cannon gun safes are already with high security electronic lock, mechanical lock, door panel kit, and gunsaver. Cannon gun safes have the various protective features including a double-steel composite door, pre-drilled bottom for securing the safe. Cannon gun safes are secure and safe for your guns and valuables, it’s like a storage containers which can be prevent unwanted access, theft and damage to firearms. Cannon gun safes are very strong to protect your guns, prized posessions. Cannon gun safes are built strong and because of this it comes with a full lifetime warranty against fire & Burglary. Cannon gun safes can also be wall mount for better security. Cannon gun safes are secure and come with leading security systems and it is capable to withstanding any intrusion attempt.

Fireproof Home Safe SM-030 by Cobalt


Fireproof Home Safe model SM-030 by Cobalt is the same safe as the model SM-020 only its put on its side and the hinges are are now on a different side.  Still uses the key to pull back the bolts after the combination has been dialed open. Don’t loose the keys.  I have also noticed some people leaving the safe dial in the dialed open position and only using the key to get in and out.  Though this can be done its not good to not relock the safe with the dial.Â

There is also a handy pull out platic tray on this model and comes with a bolt down kit.Â

Cobalt Sm-020 Fireproof Home Safe

This is a picture of the Cobalt SM-020.   One hour fireproof safe.   Comes with a steel lined predrilled hole in the center and mounting hardware.   Dial lock is secure but it is not a Group II lock.   You will not be able to change the combination on this lock easily like a Group II.   Though it can be changed by a locksmith but not set to any specific group of numbers.   It just comes up random because the way the safe is designed.

You will also notice it comes with a key and no handle.   This is because the key acts as a handle and adds an extra security measure to the safe.   Security aim is to keep sticky fingers off your schtuff!   It will hold up to a small tool attack but that is not its main purpose. Fireproof and stopping sticky fingers is.

Gun Safes Protect more than Guns

Gun safes are the best for any office or home to keeping your guns or valuables secure and safe. It also has the electronic security locks and also the manual override key function. It is made of solid steel construction for extra security to keep at home or office use. Gun safes would be the great idea protect your investment from intruders and children. Gun safes also comes in digital lock system where you can access your safe on your fingertips, you can also access them manually. Gun safes will not just keep your guns safe but any important documents or valuables. Gun safes can also be fit into the wall by wall mount and it will be safe forever. Gun safes also has lots of deigns and many verities in them. It’s made of hard steel to protect your guns and valuables; it also has the inner carpet to protect your guns by getting scratched or damage. Gun safes are one of the best safes for your guns to get protect in all kind of situations. In this modern life where crime as taken a lied roll and it growing up so fast, there are many guns owner who wants to protect their guns by getting it stolen or scratched.

Sentry Safe For Fire Resistant

Sentry safe for business, home, and gun safes provides the maximum possible security for your needs. Sentry safe will give you peace of mind that these items are protected by a Sentry safe. Sentry safes also give you many features found in higher priced home or office safes. It gives you the choice of locking mechanism, size, interior options and custom. Sentry safes is the best for your home security. Sentry safe is the world leader in fire resistant safes with new advances such as flood guard water resistant protection. With a sentry safe, you can be sure that your belongings are protected and secure. Sentry safe has the wide range of safe models for protection levels to meet your needs. Every sentry safes are advance safes and also available at an affordable price. Sentry safes can be easily affordable choice for any home. A sentry safe brings the offer of ever-expanding inventory of security products for the home and business. It’s also advanced technologically age, Sentry safe is used for theft, data media, and electronic data protection.

Wall Safes Have Hidden Potential

Wall safesare like boxes that can be secured against burglars, install into a wall to hide them from casual discovery. Wall safes are considered by many to be more secure than other safes because they require a potential thief not only to break the lock on the safe, but also to discover the location of the safe in the first place. Wall safes will always protect your valuables like documents, petty cash, and much more safe. Wall safes has lots of verities like hidden wall safe, hidden wall safe are handy because most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. Wall safes are easy to hide behind a picture. Wall safes provide security without taking up floor space. Wall safes are also easy to install, concealed wall safe is perfect protection for money, jewelry, irreplaceable valuables, passports and other important papers.

TL-15 Safes for High Security

TL-15 safe is especially designed to give the protection against attacks and break-in attempts of mechanical and electrical hand tools. Tl-15 safes are tested in good manner and are much more successfully entry for a solid 15 minutes of attack time; Tl-15 safes are professionally armed with electrical and mechanical hand tools. Tl-15 safes also been awarded for Safe Burglary. Tl-15 safes means the safe which can stand against burglary attempt by a safe using hand held burglar tools such as drills hammers, and screwdrivers plus sophisticated tools that locksmiths and safe crakers use.  The Tl-15 safes are one of the safes, which constructed to resist burglar tool attempts. A fire and Burglars resistant safe gives you the great line of defense against theft and fire. Tl-15 safes are rated burglary-resistant safes which meets specific weight, material, lock, and wall thickness. Tl-15 safes ratings are also based on the time and tools it takes a safe expert to break into the safe. indicates how many times continuous minutes are tested safe model withstood an attack.