Sentry Safe the entry level safe.

Sentry Safe has the wide range of safe models for protection levels to meet your needs. Every sentry safes are advance Safes and also available at an affordable price. Sentry Safes is the best for your home security. Sentry Safe is the world leader in fire resistant safes with new advances such as flood guard water resistant protection. With a sentry safe, you can be sure that your belongings are protected and secure.

Sentry Safe for business, home, and gun safes provides the maximum possible security for your needs. Sentry safe will give you peace of mind that these items are protected by a Sentry safe. Sentry safes also give you many features found in higher priced home or office safes. It gives you the choice of locking mechanism, size, interior options and custom.

Drop Safe SDS-01k and Depository Safe SDS-01c Review

Drop Safe SDS-01k and Depository Safe SDS-01c are the same safe with the difference being how they lock. Both Depository Safes have a B Rating which is important if I’m going to put my money in it.  Also have drill resistant hardplate in the door with 4 holes in the bottom for bolting to the foundation.  Don’t fear bolting down. Its easy and quick to do. I even have a paper on our homepage that tells how I do it.

The big difference is the “K” stands for keys and the “C” stands for Combo.  The key version is just like on a safety deposit box at the bank. It will require two keys. One called a manager key and one called the guard key. 

The safe comes with a mailbox type drop that is armed with anti fish baffle.  They look alot like shark teeth on the inside the safe.  Very good at catching people sticking a coat hanger with something sticky on the end and not letting it go.

These two drop safe models are one of the most popular sizes for drop safes in the industry.  They fit cash drawers very well and hold up against pry bar attacks and burglar attacks with all the endurance of the Everyready battery bunnie.

Media Safes offer extra protection against Fire

Media safes are to protect your disks audio/video media such as video and cassette tapes from fire and climate fluctuations. Media safes can be more fragile than a paper documents and require additional protection to safe. For media safes the interior temperature should be under 135 degrees and the humidity level below 85 percent. Media safes protect your valuable data from fire, theft or climate changes. Media safes can stand against fire and climate fluctuations to protect your valuable data.

Media safes are need for all business or home office. Security protection for vital information is essential for any business company which incurs fire damage in critical loss of data by not utilizing quality fire and media safes. Your valuable data remains safe with media safes, and it will give your data complete protection.

Security Safes Stop Theft

Security safes are many their essential protection against fire, theft and burglars also gives you the complete protection in every form. Security safes gives the protection against theft prevention, fire protection, data security and storage are a requirement for any business or home office. Security safes provide you with a complete inventory of fire safes, data media safes, depository safes, floor safes. Security Safe gives you full line of safes and security. We all need security for some or the reason and having a Security safe to protect you and your home would be a great idea.

If you have a Security safes be rest assured that you’re protected & precious commodities from fire, theft and burglars, Security Safe can also be installed, modify or expand to meet your needs. Security safes also protect your personal documents, jewelry and irreplaceable items.

Depository Safes Stop Sticky Fingers Today.

Depository safe are the best choice when cash or bills need to be secured fast and easily. Their many types of depository safe, some of the depository safe comes with a small slot where you can just drop notes into. In this way you don’t have to open the depository safe to store your cash or any paper. Depository safe has lots of model and each model is designed to quick deposits without access inside the safe. Some of the models give you an additional compartment for cash drawer storage. After drilled depository safes have been predrilled in the bottom for securing.

Depository safe can be used at any retail stores, businesses or home, to keep your cash safe with out opening it. Depository safe will help you to minimize the risk of a burglary by keeping the amount of cash available to the cashier low. Depository safe has the slot to enter bills and notes but there are also bigger ones like top load depository safes in for bigger items to be dropped in it.
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Drop Safe Depository Safe Models RC-01k & RC-01c

Drop Safe Depository Safe Models RC-01k & RC-01c are the same safe but with different locks.  The “K” stands for key and “C” stands for combination style lock.  Many depository safes come with a choice of a dual key model or a combination model.  The combination model can also be upgraded to an electronic keypad for faster entry to the drop safe.  However, the key model can not be upgraded to an electronic keypad because of the way the bolt work is set up to take the dual key lock.

You will notice that it is a rotary hopper design.  Which means put what you want in the top round tube then roll the handle and it will drop down below.  Many depository safe makers believe that this is a better system to prevent theft from fishing.  Which is taking a coat hanger and putting something on the end to make it sticky and “fishing” out dollor bills.  Which I will grant you it does prevent that VERY well.  However, there is a negative side to this type of system.

If you try to deposit something light, such as a single piece of paper, it may not fall out of the cylinder to the safe below.  Because there is not enough weight in it.  The other thing I have noticed also is that some people may have a large deposit that they want to drop and they will cram it into the cylinder.  Then when they rotate it and want it to drop it won’t because its cramed in too tight to fall below.  So you see, even Superman has kryptonite!

It is a very well made B Rated with drill resistant hard plate in the door and 2 1/2 inch thick door.  Solid steel body and an extra 1/2 inch steel plate for the door.  Take the extra step to bolt this to your floor and you have a fantastic depository safe that is ready for almost anything.

The lock on this unit is a Sargent & Greenleaf dial which is one of the best locks available in the world. Made in Kentucky by real American hands! 

I give this drop safe a good thumbs up.

Best Seller in Depository Safe and Drop Safe SDS-01k

The model SDS-01k and the SDS-01c are the same depository safe.  The “K” stands for key operated and the “C” stands for Dial Combination.  But other than that the bolt work is the same.  The B Rated is the same with 1/4 inch steel walls and a minimum of 1/2 inch steel door. But it doesn’t stop there.

There is also drill resistant hardplate over the lock to protect it from “Expert thieves”.  Which I have never been to a crime scene nor heard of anyone that has had a safe drilled open by a thief!  So my guess is that the hardplate is really there to agravate the locksmiths like myself.   After all that steel you get to the bolt assembly.  Which there are 3 active bolts keeping the door shut and bolts on the hinge side incase the hinges are grinded off. 

The SDS-01c or k are made to resist a crowbar attack much longer than a standard fireproof safe.  So feel comfortable about leaving cash in this drop safe for overnight storage. 

Very popular for small business to medium size business and churchs.  One last item, you can also add an electronic keypad to the Dial Combination model…the SDS-01C….

Electronic Fire Safe

An electronic fire safe gives the great protection against fire. It has the electronic data storage protection device which provides you with all-time data storage backup and protection. Electronic fire safe includes the fireproof to enclosure having an openable and closeable door which can be opened only after the device is exposed to a fire. Electronic fire safe has the sufficient size to store the electronic data such as a Zipdrive or CD-ROM storage device. Electronic fire safe is capable to withstand fire and to carry electronic data connection and data records, because the electronic storage device should have to be in connection with a main database and a power supply. Electronic fire safe has the electrical and communication records which are configured within the insulation and walls this is to ensure no fire reaches inside.

Electronic fire safe has the great selection of safes to choose from. Electronic fire safe is the great ideal for home or offices use it protects your important valuables. There are many verities in electronic fire safe; it also gives the protection from fire and water, Electronic fire safe is the perfect combination of fire protection for home or office.

Electronic Safes

Electronics appliances are become a part of your life like TV, DVD’s etc , so why not go head with electronic safes which will provide you and your family a great way of security in digital way.

Electronic safes are many like electronic gun safe, wireless driveway alarm, fireproof electronic safe and many more. Electronic safes gives peace of mind in large selection of electronic keyless locks, garage door remotes, and safes of all types provide home and business owners with secure storage. Electronic safes also provide you with great hospitality security.

In electronic safes the great self defense product is electronic gun safe, electronic gun safe is the best for any office or home to keeping your guns or valuables secure. The electronic gun safe locks the mechanism and impervious to picking, manipulations, shock, plug pulling, sawing and dropping to keep yourself and your family safe by properly securing your firearms.

Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon gun safes are secure and safe for your guns and valuables, it’s like a storage containers which can be prevent unwanted access, theft and damage to firearms. Cannon gun safes are very strong to protect your guns, prized posessions. Cannon gun safes are built strong and because of this it comes with a full lifetime warranty. Cannon gun safes can also be wall mount for better security. Cannon gun safes are secure and come with leading security systems and it is capable to withstanding any intrusion attempt. Cannon gun safes have the various protective features including a double-steel composite door, pre-drilled bottom for securing the safe.

Cannon gun safes also protects from leading fire protection technology for keeping your valuables safe even in the case of a fire. Cannon gun safes give you many options of accessories for safes security and space. Some of the cannon gun safes are already with high security electronic lock, mechanical lock, door panel kit, and gunsaver.