Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe is the world’s production leader for of fire-resistant safes, and many more like file cabinets, security storage containers and gun safes. Sentry safe is also the world leader in fire resistant safes with new advances such as flood guard water resistant protection. With a Sentry Safe, you can be sure that your belongings are protected and secure.  Sentry Safe has also been awards for product design and service. Sentry safes also give you many features found in higher priced home or office safes. It gives you the choice of locking mechanism, size, interior options and custom. Sentry safes can be easily affordable choice for any home. A Sentry safe is used for theft, data media, and electronic data protection. brings the offer of ever-expanding inventory of security products for the home and business. 

However, on the negative side they often have a tendency to  over promise.  They get approved for fire rating from UL then out source production to China.  I would like to issue a challenge to Sentry Safe to go to one of their big box retailers and pull one of their safes from the shelf to see if it holds up to UL standard or even the standard they advertise on their own box!  Most of their safes are made with plastic and not steel….So this puts Sentry Safe on the “first rung of the ladder” in quality.

Fireproof Home Safe

Fireproof home safe protects your valuable belongings a fireproof home safe is a wise purchase. Fireproof home safe can also protect your belongings from theft and also from fire. It has been tested safes and labels them values depending on their resistance and durability. Fireproof home safe also keeps your valuable being destroyed in case of a fire. Everyone has some kind of important document, jewelry or anything else that should be taken care of. Fireproof home safe are not just to keep your valuables with sentimental value, but also for items of monetary value, too. The differences between safest at a bank and at home is a fireproof home safe at home is that you can access it whenever you want. Fireproof home safe can be kept anywhere in the home and it very useful for the businesses too. Fireproof home safe are normally rated by the time on which they withstand the temperatures for fire produces. Most fireproof home safes come with 1 hour or less fireproofing. Mainly because our homes are pretty much gone if the fire goes over an hour.  You can look at two hour fireproof safes if you want something longer lasting but the quality/price jumps and you go to a commercial grade safe.

Cannon Gun Safe, High Quality Medium Price Range

Cannon gun safe has a wide variety of safes; Cannon gun safe is the optimal place to keep your guns safe from unintended use. Your children will not be able to access them, neither will a thief be. Cannon gun safes have the various protective features including a double-steel composite door, pre-drilled bottom for securing the safe. Cannon gun safes also have several different series of safes. Cannon gun safesCannon gun safes offer a standard elegant design. Cannon gun safesCannon gun safes give you many options of accessories for safes security and space.are secure and come with leading security systems and it is capable to withstanding any intrusion attempt. are a good trade-off in price and quality. also protects from leading fire protection technology for keeping your valuables safe even in the case of a fire.

Home Safes

Home safes can be defined as a residential secure lockable container. Home safes can be used to protect items of value from damage or theft. Home safes are generally constructed from highly resistant materials such as steel. Home safes are especially designed as hollow cubes but can vary in size from walk-in vault safes to hidden safes concealable by a power-outlet panel or inside a “book.” Should you be considering a home security safe, you have a wide array of options to select from. Home safes can install a security safe in your home however, it is important to ensure you have chosen a safe that is right for your specific needs.

Electronic Safes

Electronics appliances are become a part of your life like TV, DVD’s etc , so why not go head with electronic safes which will provide you and your family a great way of security in digital way.

Electronic safes are many like electronic gun safe, wireless driveway alarm, fireproof electronic safe and many more. Electronic safes gives peace of mind in large selection of electronic keyless locks, garage door remotes, and safes of all types provide home and business owners with secure storage. Electronic safes also provide you with great hospitality security. Electronic safes are designed for hotel, business and residential applications with comfort, convenience and security in mind. Choose a safe that will easily accommodate any requirements your users generally have, from personal effects, to laptop computers to larger items that need to be secured.

Jewelry Safes

Jewelry safes are especially designed and installed of hidden safes and secret compartments. Jewelry safes are popular in designed to protect jewelry, cash passports, handguns and other small items that don’t need to be laying around. Jewelry safes cover your jewels and it’s the best place to hide something from someone in front of someone’s eyes is jewelry safes. Jewelry safes would be the best idea to protect your jewels and other valuables. Jewelry safes will give you the complete protection for your jewelry or any important valuables being damage or robbed. Jewelry is an important thing and the expensive thing you would have in your home so go ahead and protect your jewels with Jewelry safes.

TL 15 Safes are tops in Protection!

2016.jpgTL 15 safes have a high density fire and burglary resistant composite material. TL 15 safes are required to protect the valuables from the fire which can anytime catch the valuables. TL 15 safes have a strong resistant wall which can hold back the fire always.

TL 15 safes have been designed for both commercial and residential use i.e. even a normal man can use it. The Americans have the possibility of getting the house on fire in every 50 seconds. Tl-15 safes means the safe which can stand against burglary attempt by a safe using hand held burglar tools such as drills hammers, and screwdrivers. The Tl-15 safe indicates how many times continuous minutes are tested safe model withstood an attack.

Depository Safes

Depository safes are very important in the world of today because we need a depository safe place for our valuables as jewelry, legal documents, back-up discs, cash, guns and many more things. We have carefully chosen each floor, wall, and drop safe in our collection based on the superior protection they provide against burglary and fire damage. It is a must to keep certain points and conditions before selecting a depository safe, but certain points should definitely be taken care of. The depository safes are of various types and are the best ones. It has made the life of people very easy and relaxed.

A depository safe will always stay ahead in reducing the fear and threat of unusual cases happening with our valuables. The depository safes are very much competitive in the world of today. The locks of these depository safes are better than the normal locks of any other safes, so the fear is zero percentage.

Through the wall Deposit Safe Pro-2225k

Are you looking for a “through the wall drop safe?” Well, this is it!  I don’t mean it like this is the best one. I mean like…This is it! The only one! Sort of..there are not many of these out there.  They don’t make them in China real cheap. This is made in the USA. So its a  bit pricey.  However, I have never a negative remark on this model of depository safe.

This comes with a choice of three lock styles. Key, Combo dial, or Electronic Keypad. You will see it reflected in the model number. Pro-2225k (keys), Pro-2225c (combo dial), and Pro-2225e (electronic keypad).  This depository safe is B Rated and designed to be bolted down to the foundation.

Note that the shoot is adjustable and I recomend the mailbox slot cover to on the other side of the wall.  Anit fish baffel keeps people from “fishing” money out through the drop safe shoot.

Wall Safes keep your stuff out of sight and out of mind!

ws-diy-eclosed.jpgWall safes are easy to hide behind a picture. Wall safes provide security without taking up floor space. Wall safes are also easy to install, concealed wall safe is perfect protection for money, jewelry, irreplaceable valuables, passports and other important papers. Wall safes has lots of verities like hidden wall safe, hidden wall safe are handy because most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. Wall safes will always protect your valuables like documents, petty cash, and much more safe.

Wall safes are like boxes that can be secured against burglars, install into a wall to hide them from casual discovery. Wall safes are considered by many to be more secure than other safes because they require a potential thief not only to break the lock on the safe, but also to discover the location of the safe in the first place.