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While I’m on the idea of security.  You will often hear me discuss “layers of security”.  Safes are always your final layer of security.  But don’t forget about the other layers. Such as Personal Security Products from  They carry a huge assortment of Stun Guns, Tasers, StunMaster Stun Guns, Mace, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms, Diversion Safes, Spy & Surveillance, and a lot of other really great stuff such as Voice Changers and Telephone Recorders.

To really dig into the “Layer” called “personal security protection.”  Check out the blog  Its new so its not filled with a bunch of rambling idiots talking about human growth hormones or some other junk.  Its just personal security. Don’t forget to check back here for information on security cameras and systems.

But before I stop let me give you pause to think about Stun Guns and Tasers.  They really are a very important feature in personal weapons.  It levels the playing field when it comes to size and strength.  Its also the most humane way to deal with an attacker.  Yes, an attacker!  It happens all across this country of ours.  Every day someone is molested, robbed, rapped, and the list goes on!  Very sad and very real threats.

Often after a home owner or shop keeper shoots a robber and kills him with a gun.  You don’t have the TV cameras rolling.  Just the police and morgue to clean up the mess.  Its not until weeks later that the guilt sets in.  Like a dark cloud that follows the person just trying to protect their property.  Yes, he was in the right in killing the attacker.  It was him or his family that may have been dead if the guy was not shot.  But like most of us, we have never felt the feelings that come afterwards.  And its most of us are willing to do whatever is nessesary to protect our families and life.  Don’t get caught in this downward spiral of death.

Now you don’t have too.  Get a stun gun.  They are very affordable and easy to use.  American Security Warehouse even has free shipping available.  Keep one in your purse, glove compartment, boat, and even your SAFE!

Hayman Safe MV30-2618 TL 30 Fireproof Safes

Hayman Safe Model MV30-2618 one and half Fireproof Safe TL 30.  The second largest in our TL 30 safe series.  I’m not gonna put a picture of it up on the blog. However follow the link to have a good look at the different TL-30 safe models.  

This is a top of the line safe for jewlery and jewelers vaults.  If you are a coin collector or just like to keep a lot of money or gold at the house, this is the best one to consider.  You will note that the TL-30 safes are only just a small step up in price when compared to TL 15 safes.  Maximum security protection per UL (underwriters laboratory).  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Maximum SECURITY PROTECTION!!!!! 

When it comes to TL-30 rated safes there is not alot of choice in the market.  But on the ones to choose from I always push the American Manufacturing companies.  Not just for the quality materials but also for the design engineering of the safe.  This unit has a interior ball bearing casing encased in steel.  Making it, in my opinion, “A better than TL 30 rating” . 

Dual remote relockers make this one an absolute MONSTER SAFE when it comes to try to gain entry.  What are dual relockers you ask? Good question.  When a professional thief, like you see ONLY in the movies, or a locksmith tries to break into this safe.  They will fire a relocking devise which adds support to the bolts in the door.  Basically adding a bunch more time to open the safe.  I mean a BUNCH more time!  These two relocking devises will need to removed before the safe can be opened.  To top this off, the good folks at Hayman Safeshave hidden these relockers inside the walls and aren’t telling where they are.  Cool Huh?

Several months ago I sold one of these models to guy living in a remote area of the world on an island. No banks.  No alarms. No police. He was his own bank with over 200k of gold bullion inside his TL-30.  Nope I’m not telling which island either!  But in regards to your last “Layer of Security” this is the best.

A must do is: Bolt down the safe!  This is the last step in security for all safes not just TL30 rated safes.  If you are not inclined to bolting down your safe. Just call your local locksmith and he will do it at a very affordable rate.  If you interested in prices take a look at we actually keep these units on sale year around.

Hayman TL 30 High Security Safes with fireproof MV30-2016

mv-3020.jpg MV30-2016, the MV stands for Magna Vault.  This is the smallest model in the TL 30 line of safes that you may consider when it comes time for meeting the needs of the High Security Safe.  Not everyone needs one. Normally this is reserved for jewelry stores, pawn shops, check cashing stores, credit unions, and people that are paranoid about the U. S. Banking system.  (Yes, there are quite a few of you that call us on a regular basis, especially since Bear Sterns bailout)

I have to say this is the “Best of the Best” in regards to safes.  UL (underwriters labratory) has given this one their seal of approval.  One and a half hours of fireproof material all around.  TooL (note the large T and large L for TL) rated against an attack for 30 mins.  Now 30 mins doesn’t seem like a long time for protection against a theft attack.  But I can tell you this is 30 mins against ANYONE getting into it.  That anyone is someone that has all the proper tools and the know how on how to get into it.  Which translated means that UL has a stop watch that they start and stop when a tool is being used on the safe.  It does not include time it takes to prep the safe to start working (which can take as long as 30 mins) or breaks to discuss what has happened.  They stop the watch often to look at schematics and check on thier progress.  So this 30 min time period is actually a MUCH longer period of time.  Personally I have seen one of the best locksmith take about 2 hours and myself, with years of training, take as many 5 hours. 

A normall or intelligent theif doesn’t stand a chance.  You could even leave the tools next to the safe with a set of instructions and they still would not be able to get into it.  However, they might scratch the paint. 

Most like the electronic locks but some still use “bump proof” dial locks.  If you a government regulated industry such as a drug manufacturer you will want the keypad for it is not vulnerable to “radiological attacts”.  This will meet that requirement. 

  • Composite Construction – 6″ Thick Door – 2″ Thick Body
  • 1 1/2 Hour Manufacturer Fire Label
  • 2″ Bolts
  • Solid, continuous dead bolt bar for complete locking of the hinge side
  • Large heavy duty hinges with bearing plate for smooth operation
  • 1/2″ thick hardplate impregnated with ball bearings

Now, are you ready for some bad news? If this needs repair or service you may have a difficult time finding a locksmith to work on it in remote rural areas.  However, they can call Hayman.

  • 2 relocking devices for protection during drill & punch attacks
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Mounting holes provided
  • 2nd lock option
  • Intumescent door seal (the seal swells up to 8 times its normal thickness at high temperatures).

The best part of this is that its made by the Hayman Safes Corporation in Florida.  So help is only a phone call away.  Please note that there are imports of TL rated safes that may be cheaper. But you will be left in the cold when it comes time for service work!  TL rated safes are made to last for generations.  They will need service work! Hayman is here in the good ol’ US of A.

Which brings me to a story of a local pawn shop that had one of these in use.  They were remodeling the store so the safe was empty as well as the store.  The owner put a note on the front of the safe stating the safe was empty.  But someone attempted to break into it.  Fired the relockers and broke off the dial.  The safe was an import from Brazil that was no longer being imported or made.  I talked with several locksmiths in the state as well as Lockmasters (wholesale lock maker and museum) they all had heard of the safe but nobody had any type of drill points or suggestions on how to get into it.  So it was hauled off for scrap metal!  The safe was worth thousands of dollars but if you can’t get help and support, it becomes a great anchor for a boat.  My point is, stay in the US when it comes to all high security safes.  You will be happy when it comes time to get it serviced.

Our Mission and Goal: SAFES and Security

Since there is no “Consumer Reports” that rates safes.  None even in the locksmith industry in regards to quality, price, and over all value.  What we will doing is giving a model by model testimony or professional rating.  If you have used one of the following models in the past or currently using any type of Fireproof Safe,  TL 15, or High Security Safe….or well, any safe for that matter.  We are going to try and cover it here. 

Please note that over the next year I hope to touch on over 450 models of Safe.  From all kinds of  manufactures from Sentry Safe, Honeywell Safe, Cobalt Safes, Gardall, Fire Fyter Safes, American Security Safes, Hayman Safe, Diamond Back Gun Safes, Cannon Gun Safes,  Pacific Security Products, and Protex just to name a few.

I’m going to be going over the Firproof ratings and what it means.  Defining the difference between “sticky fingers” and real burglary ratings. 

So if you have a safe or security question please feel free to chat about here!  All are welcome. 

Tidel Drop Depository Safe

We are now carrying the Tidel Drop Depository Safe selection for cash management.  You will find it on page two of our Drop and depository Safes .  Perhaps you have seen them at your local convience store.  Dispensing cash when the clerk needed more ones or fives from the safe.  They are B-rated drop safe and are designed to be bolted down to the foundation.  I have seen these things work for years!  With the only problem being a roll of quarters got stuck coming out.  A cheap and easy fix. 

It is important that the safe be located next to a power outlet.  Also note that the safe has several options and upgrades from dollar bill validators to timed lock outs that only let you get cash between certain hours.  This is truely a huge step up in theft prevention for the retailer.  I highly recomend one if you are having shrinkage problems.  Yes, I know the price is not cheap.  But that should be weighed against how much money you have lost in the last year.  I have heard a lot of stories from “my clerk just steals 5-20 dollars a day and I can’t catch him”  to “I get robbed by my managers just before they quit and its normally 1000-1500 when they do”.  Sad but true and I invite anyone else to post their experinces on our site.  Loss prevention is the key. They more we help each other the better our society will become.  And becoming aware is the first step.?

Cobalt Fireproof Safes SB-03C

sb-03c.jpgThis is the Cobalt Fireproof Safes model SB-03C.  This is a favorite model of mine.  Take a look at the outer part of the door.  Notice the over 2 inch thickness in the door.  Then notice the bolt work assembly behind the outer door.
Thats about 5 inches of fireproof and theft resistance.  Very nice and very difficult for a thief to get a crowbar between the wall and the door of the safe to get some leverage to start prying. 

Next I want you to look at the hinges. These are heavy duty ball bearing hinges designed to last a life time.  Also note that in other brands of safes that are not of this quality.  The hinge is the first thing to go. But not on this “hunk a hunk a fireproof steel” as Elvis might have put it!  The Cobalt SB-03c Safe also comes with a Sargent and Greenleaf Dial.  Made in Kentucky by American hands. Got love that.  This dial is also exported all over the world as one of the top dial locks in safe manufacturing.  Real quality with this lock.  Next notice the wall of the safe and the step up into the safe.  This is designed to chanel water from a fireman’s hose away from the inside contents. 

Did I mention the glass relocker?  Well thats another story all together. See my paper on glass relockers .  I won’t bore you hear with it.  But its a great feature for real burglary protection against sledge hammers and crowbars.

LaGard Audit Lock

Most people don’t need one of these LaGard LP audit locks. But if you want to track who is coming in and out of your safe.  This might be the lock for you.  You will need a laptop computer to hook to the keypad and program individual combos into the lock. But once that is done you can track up to 512 events on the safe.  Made by 8 users and 1 manager. 

This is the next step in stoping internal theft or shrinkage.  You can download the information on the keypad at anytime to your laptop and find out who’s been coming and going and at what time of day.   I can’t say enough positive items on this Audit Lock.  It really is the next step for cash management.  You can even program into it a 1-99 minute delay in order to keep the safe from being opened quickly.  Thus slowing down the process of opening and discouraging any would be thieves. 

Runs on a 9 volt battery with easy acess to change the battery should it go dead.  Also external USB port for quick download of new combos and upload of events list. 

Unit also has a wrong try penalty in case someone wants to try random guessing on what the combo is on the keypad.  This forces it to go into lock out mode for 5 mins while it resets.  If the theif continues to try and break into it during this mode.  The lock will not reset only start the count down for 5 mins again everytime the lock is touched.  Great lock. Great for management and control.